Ways You Can Create an Engaging Worship Space

Worship is an intimate state of surrender and connection that can uplift a person's whole mind, heart, and spirit. The worship space is like a chamber of faith where this connection can take place. Just small additions or changes to your worship environment can help deepen and enrich your experience. Whether you are preparing for a one-time event, or trying to enliven a permanent space, the following insights will inspire ideas for creating an engaging worship space.

Identify Your Group’s Worship Needs and Goals

Start with a clear idea of your group's needs or worship goals. Does the space need to evoke greater peace or serenity? Do you need an environment that reflects your vibrant group culture? Or a modern space to attract more youth? Once you've identified clear worship goals and needs, the rest will come easier.

Assess the Health and Harmony of Your Worship Space

Zoom out and look at the bigger elements that characterize your space. A clean environment and sense of symmetry enhances concentration and instills a sense of well-being; clutter and excessive dust can do the opposite. Consider your group members' health. A dusty environment could be a trigger for someone with allergies or asthma. Clean up and resolve any issues with mold or rust. Repair or restore any broken or damaged fixtures or furniture. Rearrange the elements in the environment to create greater harmony.

Explore the Potential of Color


Interior designers use color psychology to profoundly affect mood and setting. The colors that you use in your space can create dramatic effects. Put down deep red rugs to complement rich, brown woods, or use pastel colors for a lofty softness. Be creative; explore until you strike just the right combination.

Consider Lighting


Light can clarify, illuminate, and energize a space and darkness can usher in a sense of calm, comfort, and intimacy. Take advantage of or cover up available windows or skylights. Set up safe places for candlelight. Choose between the impact of overhead lighting or corner lamps and lanterns. Create effects with contrasting light against deep shadows, or tinted lights that cast soothing and colorful glows.

Upgrade Your Tech

If you have a large stage space or your group facilitates frequent events like concerts or conferences, consider adding or upgrading technical elements like acoustics, stage lighting, and large screens for multiple viewing options. Recruit talented members from your group or bring on a specialized tech team to create special stage designs.

Add Special Touches

Use special touches to create elements of rest, inspiration, and connection for your group. Decorate with sculptures; paint a mural or fresco; install a water fountain or small container garden. Incorporate your group's spiritual symbols into your designs.

There are many ways you can capture the beauty and sacredness of your practice. Combine these design ideas with a solid and cohesive vision and use opportunities to discuss options with your group. Incorporate feedback and turn the project into a powerful community effort that can engender even more ideas and broader strokes of inspiration.

If you have any questions, please ask below!