Ways To Use Plumbing Pipes in Your Interior Design

Buying a new house or moving to another apartment often presents vast opportunities to remodel or renovate your house. You need “cool” or trendy interior design ideas to provide functionality and help enhance your home décor while portraying creativity and uniqueness. Ideally, interior design entails designing and coordinating the different elements of a home’s interior. This also works for apartments, offices, or other structural spaces. There are several styles and you can choose what you feel represents your preference, taste, and budget. When thinking about interior design, a plumber is usually the last person you think of. However, many homeowners are not aware that plumbing pipes can also be used to enhance their home décor. Below are ways to use plumbing pipes in your home interior design.

Perhaps one of the most useful ways to incorporate plumbing pipes into your interior design is to use them as clothing racks. You can line them up closer to the wall of your studio apartment, bedroom or any other room you wouldn’t mind having your clothes in. However, do keep in mind that the orientation of the pipes also matters as your clothes need to hang from a reachable area. Just keep a small reasonable distance from the wall to accommodate hangers so that you can hang your clothes and stay organized.

Plumbing pipes can also be used as bookshelves if they are aligned close enough to the walls. Just ensure that you do not overload them with books unless they are strong enough to hold the load. These pipes also have to be running horizontally so that they are parallel to the wall and close enough to hold a book. However, the distance between the pipes and the walls has to be shorter than the length of the book. Otherwise, the book will slip through the gap.

Plumbing pipes can also be used to make cabinets and shelves in the kitchen or anywhere else within the house. They can be firmly attached to the walls to form a frame from which you can then place wooden shelves. This can be great for your kitchen area if you are looking to increase more cabinets and shelves to hold your groceries and other foodstuffs. Just ensure you place the shelves in an accessible position so that you or other people using the kitchen do not strain too much to reach cereals, cheese, or any other thing placed on the shelves.

Plumbing pipes can also be excellent door handles. You’ve probably seen doors that you have to push or pull to get in or out of the house. You can screw these pipes firmly to a wooden door and use them as door handles. They are not only durable but also add a unique style to your home décor.

Also, if you’ve been thinking about a table set that would accentuate the look and feel of your dining room, you should probably try a wooden slatted table set with plumbing pipe legs. This is especially great for those who like rustic tables and dining sets for their simplicity and uniqueness.

Therefore, there are countless ways to use plumbing pipes in your interior design and add some style to your home décor. It all depends on your creativity and how much you are willing to experiment to demonstrate your taste and preference.

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