VCT Flooring Tips

flooringVinyl tiles are among the most common flooring types in many homes. They are also used in hospitals, schools and a wide range of other establishments. However, this type of flooring requires proper maintenance and care for it to last longer. Other than the basic care, these resilient tiles require specialized care which can only be offered by qualified professionals. VCT scrubbing should be done by experienced persons who know what it takes to get the best service. But a VCT surface should not be used for the first three days of its installation. For these three days, there should be no walking on the surface and there should be no furniture placed on it. Hot water should not also be used on these tiles because the water may find their way into the surface and cause them to warp.

Today, you will never find it hard getting a long list of companies which offer high quality VCT scrubbing services. They have the tools, knowledge and experience to provide impeccable concrete flooring solutions. These tiles are easy to install and they come at an affordable cost. This makes it easy for most households install it.

Caring For VCT Floors

Make sure you use a soft broom to get rid of dust particles which may have settled on the surface. If these particles are left on the surface for longer, they can cause unnecessary abrasion. A damp mop with water can also be used to clean the floor surface. Moreover, you can use wet rags to ensure that the surface of the VCT flooring is getting rid of dirt. After the floor is fully clean, you can wipe it with a dry soft towel. Colored food items and liquids can stain the floor hence it is important to mop them up as soon as possible so as to avoid them making the surface stained. Neutral detergents can also be used to clean the flooring surface.

Heel and scuff marks can be cleaned with a non abrasive polish cleaner. The surface can also be cleaned with acetone, spirits and alcohol. This should be done on a regular basis because if this is not the case, there is more likelihood for it to make the surface stained. These stains can be inflammable and there is a need to ensure that the surface is fully wiped. The amount of scrubbing which you will do depends on the amount of dirt which the surface has. If comprehensive cleaning has not been done for longer, you can be sure that more scrubbing will be required. However, you need to make sure that the right preventive procedures are put in place because this could help reduce damage and also cut down on costs.

Make sure the floor surface is not exposed to direct sunlight can avoid dents on the floors by ensuring that chairs and other things that sit on the surface are relocating occasionally. Because there are many companies which offer VCT burnishing services, it’s important to check about their actual ability to deliver high quality services. Make sure you enlist the services of cleaning professionals who have what it takes to offer the best services.

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