Using Window Coverings as Room Dividers

window-coveringsThere are many different types of blinds that are available on the market. Each offers something uniquely different to your home. The rooms where you place the blinds, and their relation to the other objects in the room, says a lot about the way you decorate.

Although blinds are essential to have on your windows, they can be used for many more things than just keeping out the sunlight. Blinds can be aesthetically pleasing room dividers that have a very functional purpose. Whether you live in a studio apartment and are trying to make the most of your space, or you live in a large home and are looking for new and exciting ways to decorate, using blinds to separate rooms has many advantages.


Curtains have been used over windows for a long time. They can be long and flowing, spanning not just the window, but clear down to the floor, or they can be thin and sheer, covering only the space that needs to be.

The nice thing about transforming your curtains into room dividers is that they are surprisingly easy to install, and even easier to use. These will allow you to open up the room partially, or close the two off from each other completely. Rather than normal blinds which open vertically, these will open horizontally, making the room more functional when you want to open it up again.

To install these, insert a curtain rod up above the room you wish to separate. Attach it to the ceiling to get the best results. Depending on the size of the room, you may need a larger rod. Make sure that the rod is securely in place before installing the curtains.

The Best Blinds

When deciding on blinds to use to separate your rooms, it is important to look at all your options. Here are the best blinds that can be used in these situations.

  • Vertical Blinds - these blinds function similar to the way curtains work. Rather than rolling up and down, they can be shuffled from side to side. The greatest disadvantage here is that some don't appreciate the look of these blinds, because it is similar to the material used over hotel windows.
  • Bamboo Blinds - this type of blind is also called woven wood blinds because they are made up of strips of wood woven together with fabric into a long piece of material that is hung over the window and rolls up and down to cover your window. Using these as a room divider gives your room a very casual look and makes for an easy way to divide the room when you want it separated or you can simply roll it up to open up the room again.
  • Roller blinds - roller blinds are more about the material than the function. They are made of polyester mounted on a metal pole. These are appealing as room dividers because they are easy to use, moved by a slide chain.
  • Panel Track - These window coverings are perfect to use to divide your room. Panel track blinds are large panels, going from floor to ceiling, that slide along a track. They come in a variety of different fabrics ranging from sheer to woven wood material. You can install the track along the ceiling wherever you want to divide your room and create a stylish wall that can easily be moved whenever you want the room opened up.

These various types of blinds can be useful as room dividers in almost any home. They each have many advantages. The most important thing to consider when choosing is which style will fit the needs of your home.

More than Just Blinds

There have been more elements pertaining to the window than just blinds that have begun to be used as room dividers. The windows themselves may not block people from seeing through the room to the other side, but they can make beautiful dividers between rooms that you wish to separate.

Repurposed windows create a definitive point where one portion of the room ends and the other should be, while leaving a nice view between the two areas. This unique divider is completely different from blind dividers, yet gives some of the same benefits.

While trying to find the perfect room dividers, consider using window coverings. They are functional, and come in many different varieties. You can choose from many of the best styles that will fit the décor of your home.

By +Cassie Costner

Cassie Costner writes on home décor and how to get the most out of the space in your home for Blind Magic in Sacramento. She is interested in the ways people utilize things around the home for different functions than they were originally intended.

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