Using TV Lifts in Interior Design

tv-liftWith the average US household having 2-3 televisions, more than one room can now lay claim to being an entertainment center. Figuring out where to best place each TV for maximum viewing pleasure and least hassle can be a challenge when it comes to interior design!

Older homes have living rooms and dens laid out with plenty of space for a large sofa, a loveseat, and several armchairs. A stretch of uninterrupted wall space to house a large console television was a given in the mid 1900s!

An automated TV lift cabinet can easily replace an outdated console or entertainment center, providing a traditional, finished look that fits well with deep pile carpet and paneled walls. The cabinet can even be equipped with a swivel TV lift, allowing viewing from any piece of furniture in the room.

More modern floor layouts tend to be open, with creativity needed to find a place for the latest 52 inch plasma. Wall mounts can be hard to install and unreliable, with the added disadvantage of unsightly cords hanging down the wall.

A TV lift that slides smoothly down from a ceiling installation can help maintain the clean lines of a home with modern interior décor, and all cords are easily hidden away. A remote control can prompt the lift to lower and rise, and the TV can be "put away" each night.

TV lifts also have excellent applications in the kitchen. The day of the formal dining room is all but gone, with many builders opting instead for a dine-in kitchen with a breakfast nook or bar added on for good measure.

The device can be installed in the island, breakfast bar, or counter-top, dropping smoothly out of sight when not in use. Alternately, it can be integrated into a wall cabinet, sliding down to eye level when needed. Lifts can even be used to raise heavy small appliances like mixers or blenders up to counter level, or to slide a coffee station down from its hiding place in an unused corner cabinet.

Another common use for TV lifts is to keep private belongings hidden away. A gun case can be easily fitted with an in-floor lift that can safely keep guns stored underfoot and out of sight. Lifts can be installed in bathrooms for a small television for those wishing to catch up on the news or a series during a relaxing bath, and medicine cabinets can be raised up into the ceiling to avoid the spying eyes of houseguests.

With the aid of TV lift technology, all types of home automation are possible. From sliding pictures on the wall that reveal a fully stocked liquor cabinet to the convenience of being able to "lock" items away in a hidden location, the possibilities are endless.

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