Types of Curtains

curtain-and-flowers"A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of booksWalt Whitman". This quote is true in almost all of our lives. And do you know what makes those windows look beautiful, Curtains and Window Blinds. They also establish a mood that can transcend the rest of the room. A curtain technically controls the amount of light in your room and can ensure you a certain level of privacy.
There are many Different Types of Curtains available, few of them are:

Rod-pocket drapes– It is also called pole-pocket drapes. These are made with a casing at the top that slips over a curtain rod; it doesn’t need rings in it. These sheer fabric curtains are often made with 2 rod pockets at its top, so that you can slide the curtain rod through the lower pocket, and the unused top pocket creates a soft ruffling effect for your curtain. Due to this curtains feel as though it is integrated into the wall, because its rod is nearly invisible under the drapes.

Valances– These are the different kind of window treatment, can be said as an alternate to curtains and window blinds. They are usually used as window scarf that can matches your drapery and is installed across the highest point, or they may be made into a more box design that is mounted above window to disguise drapery rods. Some people use valances without having curtains, just to add a different look above their windows. Most of the valances may require brackets for their hanging, although some just need standard rods.

Tab-top curtains– These are great for an off-the-cuff ambiance. They are usually made from the flat loops spaced along the highest fringe of the curtain, through which the rod passes. These curtains also do not require curtain rings. They can simply be drawn open or closed without pull cords.

Thermal drapery- These are also called as blackout drapery offers protection against heat and cold. They conjointly act as blackout curtains, they help keeping out sun completely because of their extra lining. These are great if you’re looking to save money on energy costs. They have an addition layer of material on them, just for insulation. They also provide great privacy.

Grommet-top curtains– These are relatively new. A rod passes through the large grommet rings at the highest point of the curtain, creating a loosely folded look. This is great for modern rooms, such as a study room or a lounge
Window scarves-For your existing curtains window scarf can act as a decorative addition. They casually round over your beautiful curtains, for decoration of your window. These can be made to match your curtains out of the rounding over material.

Ring-top drapery-These are basically hung on decorative curtain rings that are attached to the curtains at intervals across the top. For showing-off a design-centric curtain rod the rings are ideal. These do not require any pull cord for opening or closing.

Sheer curtains-It let light into a room and still maintains a good level of privacy. They should be always bought in excessive width, almost double the width of your window, and properly fold to cover your window providing the complete privacy. These are great for plain as well as goes good with decorate curtain rods also.

Curtain Hardware:

  • Curtain rods are a very old curtain-hanging tradition. Decorative curtain rods are also used in many cases.
  • Then there are the decorative ends of curtain rods. They come in many different styles and finishes, with different shapes, such as leaves, scrolls, fleur-de-lis and decorated balls or ovals. They are available in brushed copper, silver, and poly-resin finish. Because they are the most often part of your window treatment that are most seen beyond the curtain to have them complement your other room décor.
  • Curtain rings are attractive and easily attached to your curtains. They slide easily along your curtain rod without having to pull open the whole rod and making it easier for you to open and close your curtains. These rings are available in many shapes, sizes and qualities, so make sure to shop around for the style that meets best as per your design that you need for your bedroom or living room or wherever you have to install them.
  • Tiebacks are soft loops of cord, fabric, chain or maybe any other material that holds back your drapes. They tie around the curtain itself, either centering it or pulling it off to the side and then tying it to the rod. This allows a greater view outside and extra natural light to enter your room, in which these drapes are installed. They are extremely common in curtains and drapes that do not use rings, as those are really hard to open.

Curtain Design Tips and Ideas:

  • You may need different types of curtains depending on what your curtains are meant to do for your home.
  • Lightweight curtain fabric, such as linen, lace, and sheer cotton, is a good choice if you’re planning to sew or hang them yourself. If you are going for dressy or an antique décor, then delicate lace would be a great choice. For more versatile feel, cotton is more appropriate for you. These fabrics also allow sunlight light the outer light to come into the house, so it may not be good for your bedroom windows. Rather, they can prove to be a better choice for your kitchen or for your sitting rooms, which often lack natural light and hardly do the additional warming. They add casual as well as a relaxed feeling to your room. For experimenting new style lightweight fabric can be used to layer over the heavier fabric.
  • Patterned curtain fabric is a great choice for a different and creative look. There are so many various decorative fabric prints to choose from, you can add a minimalist flair to your bedroom, living room or bathroom. These patterned fabrics come in a variety of striped, floral, plaid and animal prints, so that to suit the design you want. They make the ceiling look even higher and open the room up if it is small.

Curtains are the most flexible and diverse coverings for a window, finishing a room in a stylish timeless way. They provide the best light protection. There are many types of finishes, poles and tracks, as well as an array of fabrics which are seemingly endless. If custom curtains just aren’t in your budget, I suggest spending a little more money on high-quality retail window treatments would be better for your décor the ready-made curtains at Chais lund are also a great choice for high-quality window treatments. For your convenient on How to Hang a Drape at Home you can go through this video:


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