Top Trends in Kids’ Room Interior Design

The latest furnishing trends for children’s rooms combine style, pragmatism, fun, and comfort. Good storage options, multifunctional furniture pieces, and furnishing that suit your child’s personality are things you should consider when decorating and designing your child’s room. Natural colors meet natural materials, and even good old pastel colors are back. Most of the current trends are available with the Dragons of Walton Street brand. Take a quick look at what is trending in kids’ room interior design.

Inspired by Nature and Neutral Colors

Trends are moving further in the direction of wood in combination with less bright colors such as beige, variations of white, and smoky blue. Neutral tones not only guarantee a calm atmosphere. Your little will be able to add new shades or tones to his/her room as he/she grows older. Elements made of wood are not only suitable, but they also make the children’s room appear warm and cozy. Wood is particularly popular in combination with either white or beige.

Small Kids’ Room: What to Consider?

The smaller the room, the more you should concentrate on one area or thing and build everything else around it. Choose a thematic design like Peter Rabbit, Safari, or Elephants or hand-painted artwork from Dragons of Walton Street. If there is already a colorful surface such as a carpet, the walls should remain correspondingly neutral. For a small room, a discreet wall color, e.g. a light apricot, combined with a colorful carpet would be appropriate. Better avoid dark or generally non-reflective wall colors and dark carpets. Large rooms, on the contrary, allow using more styles.


Lovingly designed accessories add a touch of individuality to the children’s room right from the start.

Furniture and wallpaper

Pay attention to hand-painted artwork with themes of animals like Peter Rabbit and playful elephants or delightful flowers from Dragons of Walton Street. Hand-painted artworks add the perfect background for colorful bedding, toys, or self-painted pictures. Wallpapers with flowers have a playful and romantic effect, and geometric prints look minimalist and cool.

Prints or Pictures

If wallpaper is not what you are looking for, try pictures or prints. They offer you the opportunity to bring a little more color and life into your child’s room without much effort. Various motifs such as letters, animals, clouds, flowers make kids’ eyes sparkle and give the room special eye-catching elements.

Decorative plants

Real plants used as decorative elements on walls like dried flowers, grass, real trunks, and branches are trending now. Do not forget to keep them out of reach of small children. Interior designs from Dragons of Walton Street are good alternatives to ever-drying plants.

Marvelous Lighting

Lighting sets the mood in any room, and interesting light sets add a charming atmosphere to your child’s room as well.

Use Children’s Furniture that Grows with Them

If you are looking for a desk for your child, it is better to choose a height-adjustable model. Your little artist can draw on it now and do his/her homework later as a pupil without additional posture problems.

Focus on Robust and Healthy Quality Products

When buying furniture for kids, it is better to look for quality for the sake of your offspring. To ensure that it is safe for kids and can withstand years of continuous use, it must be robust and without harmful substances. Before using textiles for the first time, you should always wash them once, just like clothes.

Useful Loft Beds

They help to create extra storage space for toys. The space under the bed is available for a small play area. The loft bed does not necessarily have to be high. For small children, a raised bed with stairs, which offers a touch of adventure, is enough. Loft beds or other bed models should have rounded corners. This can help minimize a few potential sources of danger for little children.

Bed House

Wooden slats make the bed look as if it has a transparent roof. To expand imagination, add a canopy to the child’s bed with fabric panels ­ this makes it a little cozier too.

Bunk Beds and Trundle Beds

Is your kid looking for friends? A spare bed or bed with a pull-out mattress is handy if your child has overnight guests.

First Colors

Babies recognize the contrast between black and white. A tender pastel color scheme with other neutral accents can be perfectly combined with accessories and colorful toys as the child gets older.

Good Concept in the Child’s Room

In addition to enough space to play and romp around, little ones also need a cozy retreat for themselves, which allows them to take a break when they need it. At best, there should also be a cozy bed, which is both inviting and protective.

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