Top Ten Interior Must Haves For Autumn 2016

Autumn is the perfect time to update your home. Want to know what to look for to make your space hot and trendy? Find out more…

1. Framed Art

Use your creative skills to design world maps made out of cork, photo displays, string art, and architectural plywood artwork! Or shop modern wall art from your favourite artists. Choose black and white frames for versatility – coloured frames will liven up a neutral environment. Hang pieces at eye level and make sure the right gaps are left between any furniture. You can opt for hanging art in a grid, or go for salon style.

2. Stylish Rugs

A quality rug adds a unique personality to any room. Modern, contemporary, and designer rugs can be selected to add an air of sophistication and inspiration. Hallway runners, circular and irregular shaped rugs mean that you can choose to furnish every part of your home this way. Rugs especially made for children’s rooms are a delightful way to add character. And the choice of fibres is endless.

3. Inspired Furnishings

Furniture from the 1970’s is set to make a comeback. Designs feature polished metals, walnut, and sheepskin, alongside bold, geometric patterns. Pendant lamps with lantern shapes will come in grey, orange and green colours. Retro bedroom furniture will feature vintage dressing tables and mirrors, stools, wardrobes, and chest of drawers. Sideboards and extending tables, room dividers and shelving systems will all be revived.

4. Modular Units

As life in the living room changes to accommodate different family activities, charging stations are gradually being integrated into furniture. Downloading files, gaming and watching movies on a pad are all functions that need regular top ups. Lamps, bedside tables, and desks will all soon be able to charge any portable electronic devices that are placed on top of them. Tables, cabinets, and sofas available in various fabrics can be customised to cater for as many functions as needed.

5. Clean Windows

Did you know that clear and streak free glass not only enhances your kerb appeal, but also increases your property value? Make sure you keep yours sparkling by booking a regular service with your local window cleaners. Modern window cleaning techniques use extending water fed poles. This means they don’t need ladders! As the service is non-invasive you don’t even need to be in when they call.

6. Specialized Appliances

Steam ovens are the way to go! You can choose from single or double ovens, combination steam and convection ovens in a range of sizes. Food is cooked thoroughly and healthily. Warming drawers allow you to deliver hot meals, and induction cook tops save space, and are safe for your family.

Stainless steel fridges with French doors let you customize your kitchen around you with a choice of fridge, freezer and wine columns in endless combinations. With carbon air filters to reduce odours, supercool and super freeze options, dual compressors and evaporators, this range ticks all the boxes.

7. Customised Flat Packs

Modern flat-pack furniture brands let you select sizes, configurations, and fabrics to suit your individual space. You can customise colours and finishes, as well as creating furniture with a unique shape and style. This is all courtesy of website customization tools that facilitate production of furniture designs that include wall coverings and more.

8. Quiet and Calming Colours

Warm stone hues and comforting pale shades will balance our mind, body and spirit! Designers are eager to find a simple way to calm our busy lifestyles with colour. Quiet stability will prevail in the season’s palette. Peaches, roses, and lilacs will soothe and convey compassion, alongside a sense of composure. Pale blues will bring a feeling of serenity with a naturally connected sense of space.

9. Warm Metals

Marbles and wood will be paired with rose gold, copper, brass and gold in bathroom and kitchen areas. New finishes are non-corrosive and electroplated, made from copper and gold alloy mixes. Good quality metals are excellent investments as they never go out of fashion. Small changes to cabinets and drawers can make a massive difference to the finished look.

10. Natural Textures

Interior design will be inspired with natural textures such as rattan, bamboo, and leather. Luxury velvets in soft shades will be teamed with metallic wirework and lighting. Ceramics, cement and vinyl will take centre stage in flooring. Wall coverings will see a revival too. Luscious foliage will encompass urban jungle themes. Pastels and patterns will dominate as will artisan materials.

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