Top Seven Mattress Companies that New Yorkers Can Rely On

regwrtgrtAmericans never seem to get enough sleep. HuffPost says about a third of us are constantly sleep-deprived. Beyond making people cranky, missing too much sleep actually makes us less healthy and more prone to chronic disease.

If you live in a big city, getting a good night’s sleep is increasingly hard to do, especially if there’s a lot of noise and activity in the area. In big cities like New York, it seems like the world conspires to keep people from turning in early enough to catch all the z’s they’re supposed to.

One of the important factors affecting the quality of sleep humans need to stay healthy is the mattress they rest on. According to Statistic Brain, the mattress industry is a $7 billion annual industry. Mattresses come in a variety of shapes and styles from roughly 600 companies in the United States. From memory foam to futon, innerspring to air, making mattresses is big business for big names like Select Comfort, Serta, and Sleep Number — to name a few.

But for New York City residents, finding the right mattress is challenging because shipping to a New York City apartment presents some logistics issues that need to be overcome.

This article looks at seven specific mattress companies that New Yorkers can count on to deliver to their apartment — whether the freight elevator works or not.


Mattress Hauling in the City

NYC apartment dwellers can count on a few mattress stores to ship or deliver products to their apartments. These trustworthy and in some instances very determined companies help New Yorkers get the rest they need. Here are the top seven mattress companies that will ship to a New York City apartment dweller.

  • A is for Avocado Mattress, and this mattress gets an A+ from reviewers. This Jersey firm is manufacturing top-of-the-line green eco-friendly coil and quilted mattresses for a healthier nights sleep. Avocado Mattress will let customers try out these hand-made cotton tufted mattresses for 100 days and return it for free. The mattress has a 25-year warranty and the company will deliver anywhere for free. There’s even a promo code for $100 off a purchase.
  • Casper mattresses combine foam with award-winning ergonomics to provide the support the body needs for sleeping — or reading and eating crackers in bed. In addition to the foam, there is an elastic polymer in specific zones to support the body where it needs it the most at the hips and shoulders. People swear by this mattress. Just read the reviews about Casper; customers are kind of obsessed. Architectural Digest even said that these mattresses have “unprecedented ergonomic technology.” On top of a killer design and sleep-friendly comfort, Casper also has free shipping and setup for New York city dwellers — and everyone else.
  • Many New Yorkers say Dixie Foam Beds provide the best back support of any bed on the market. The secret to Dixie Foam Beds is, of course, the foam. Foam is generally hypoallergenic; there’s no dust, mold, or smell to exacerbate allergies. But the other secret to success for Dixie Foam beds is that this company is a New York original, located on the water in a small Brooklyn factory. It’s the quintessential New York rags to riches business; after 50 years of diligent effort, today it’s one of the top mattress companies in the city.
  • Endy Sleep loves New Yorkers. That’s because this Canadian mattress company offers free shipping anywhere. Endy is made from three layers of polyurethane foam. Like some of the other companies on the list, Endy offers a 100-day free trial of their mattress with free shipping if the customer decides to return it.
  • Essentia is another mattress company that is different from the traditional coil mattress approach. Essentia is a healthy mattress made with components like rubber tree sap, essential oils, natural plant extracts, and organic cotton. The company markets the mattress as the world’s healthiest sleep aid, and indeed it may be. But what’s even cooler, is these foam mattresses are specially compressed for shipping via FedEx or UPS. A King size bed can be compressed into a small cardboard box, which is another way the firm reduces its shipping carbon footprint. So, New York City apartments are no problem. Even better, celebrities like Dr. Oz love this mattress.
  • Jen’s Beds are as New York as Wall Street — but much more comfortable. Shop Jen’s Beds for all the best mattress lines: Simmons; Serta; Summerfield; Tempur-Pedic — and more. Shop by how the mattresses are made (pillow top, box top) or by comfort (plush, extra firm), but Jen’s Beds has a variety of options for the discerning New Yorker on a budget; or not on a budget, for that matter. We like all the helpful tips for getting more sleep, along with ways to help the consumer figure out what kind of bed is right for them. Delivery? No problem. Free delivery? No problem.
  • Keetsa is celebrating ten years of delivering the most eco-friendly mattresses New Yorkers have ever rested their berets on. The company focuses on their own product line emphasizing low emissions and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The Keetsa product line emits no chemicals or toxic by-products. They even mix green tea extract into the mattress, which is made with sustainable recycled products such as cotton, hemp, and organic wool. These mattresses have a 12-year warranty on their products. Even better? Free shipping to an NYC apartment.

Good Night! Sleep Tight, New York!

Having the right mattress will keep even the biggest New York night owl resting comfortably in the nest at night. Finding the right mattress is a life changer; more sleep and better rest can improve a person’s health and mental outlook. But living in New York, especially in a high-rise or walk up, it may be hard to find a mattress delivery suitable for the apartment lifestyle. This list of seven mattress companies will not only deliver high-quality mattresses, they offer unparalleled comfort and award-winning designs guaranteed to help New Yorkers sleep tight.

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