Top Interior Trends for 2019

Design trends are constantly changing. For those who wish to keep up with the latest trends, we will look at the top designs for 2019. The decor can always be changed quickly and without budgetary loses. But you should create a base of furniture and decoration responsibly, it’s harder to change the interior of your home.

Personalized Interiors

The tendency to design a house in strict accordance with the canons of a certain stylistic direction is surely replaced by fashion for interiors, entirely tailored to their owners. We no longer say: “I want to make a country-style interior.” Now we want an environment in which we can live comfortably.


In the field of interior fashion, there is a tendency to relax and ease, and designers gradually cease to pursue strict symmetry. Of course, a few paired objects will add visual harmony to both classical and modern interiors, but let everything else be in a fashionable free order.

Italian design

Earlier at the peak of popularity was laconic Scandinavian design, but today the aesthetics of Italy promises to set the tone for home furnishings. So, we rely on rich textures, complex colors, the absence of sharp corners and unnecessary adornments: furniture and decoration in Italian – the decor is in itself. However, the Scandinavian style is also not losing ground, transforming into deeper and more atmospheric conditions.


The basis of any interior is timeless – sofas and chairs on which you want to sit, fabrics that you want to touch, the floor on which you want to go barefoot. Therefore, focus on tactile, pleasant to the touch textures and finishes, such as velvet, suede, soft skin. And in choosing the floor, pay attention to the current topical coatings with deep brushed and patina for a noble, aged look.

Dark Colors

Bright, hospitable environments are gradually replaced by more intimate ones – in dark muted tones, with an abundance of blue, green and trendy avocado colors. This applies not only to the color palette, but the lighting also becomes muffled and more pointed.

Marble, Cement, and Wood

Marble has been a hit for a couple of years, but today pink, blue and black marble is in trend instead of the usual Carrara. Take note of the idea of a matte finish of cement with small patches of relief – this trend today is at the peak of popularity. And among the furniture and wood finishes, premium species are most in demand – oak, walnut, ash, and teak.

Focus on the Floor and Ceiling

The modern and long-playing trend is decorating the ceiling with interesting designer chandeliers, soffits, and suspensions. The floor is also a very important part of the interior, and the laminate, parquet or tile should be chosen with a self-contained, expressive and at the same time neutral design.

Metal Accents

Today the modern interior is full of bright metal accents. Gold is in the lead now, however, in reasonable quantities. Complete the decor with silver, brass or bronze. Actually, today trends include such part of the interior as aluminum windows. They not only look stylish and fashionable in the interior but are also examples of durability and reliability.

Clear Glass

Glass is universal, combines with anything and can add lightness to the interior. Choosing fashionable glass items, pay attention to the scale: the larger the lamps, vases or other decors, the better. Transparent elements of the decor allow you to create an atmosphere of lightness in the interior. Such elements include steel hardware fittings, furniture accessories made of plexiglass, and translucent textiles.

Return of Boho Style to Trend

The hippie era is back in fashion. Bright multi-colored prints, Indian motifs and ethnic elements of the decor embody the spirit of freedom. Boho aesthetics in the interior involves the use of natural materials, the rejection of plastic and synthetics. All must feel the love of nature. The easiest way to do this is by the use of textile elements, as well as furniture accessories.

Upholstered Furniture in the Style of the 60s

An unexpected trend in 2019 is a bright upholstery of furniture. Easily replaceable materials should be as simple as possible and of natural origin. The renewed vintage furniture of classical forms is welcome.

Ethnic Prints

This trend is closely connected with the fashion for Moroccan and Japanese motifs. Ethnic elements in interior design inspire people to travel and seek cultural discoveries. The use of natural textiles with ornamental patterns will be complemented by painted accessories and kitchenware. Terracotta and clay shades will be leading in interior decoration.

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