Top Features You Need to Design a Luxury Kitchen in 2021

Your kitchen is the area where a lot of activity goes on day in and day out. Adding a touch of class to it requires a luxury kitchen design that is stunning and functional at the same time. You need umpteen things in your kitchen like pop-up shelves, drawers, island units, wine stores, larders, etc.

Here are some top features to include in your kitchen to make it look trendy and be functional:

Camouflaged Storage

As mentioned above, your kitchen is a bee-hive of activity, and it is not uncommon for appliances to be strewn around, cluttering the little space you have at your disposal. With so many things to store, it would be nice to have most of these items hidden from sight so that the overall kitchen design isn’t marred.

It’s always the small kitchen appliances that are usually strewn around on the countertop. Hence the trend for 2021 is creating hidden stations in your kitchen to store kettles, toasters, and blenders to prevent cluttering of the countertop. You have more space in your kitchen to go about your daily cooking-related chores.

There are umpteen things you need in your kitchen like pop-up shelves, drawers, island units, wine stores, larders, etc., to store the small appliances, though built-in appliances present a perfect solution as they help save on space usage.

Adding Color to the Kitchen

Adding vivid colors to your kitchen like bright greens or deep purples is the trend this year. Such colors go well with natural stone, marble, or wood, adding a hint of warmth and comfort to your kitchen.

More people preferred colored cabinets in the kitchen, and the popular shades include pink, blue, and green that enliven the general atmosphere in your kitchen. Popular Google searches include green kitchens or yellow kitchens, though the former could also mean eco-friendly, rather than the color.

Painting a Riot in the Kitchen

Another popular idea for a luxury kitchen design is painting your kitchen to give it a total makeover. Painting the kitchen is a practical approach, and muted grays are top on the list this year. There is nothing like the pleasantness of fresh paint that creates a lively atmosphere and is invigorating.

You can do a lot of experimenting with muted colors of gray, and two-toned walls in different shades of gray are quite popular. Other grays include slate gray, smoke gray, taupe, charcoal and a more sophisticated light gray. Painted furniture goes well with marble, stone, or concrete, and what’s more, it’s durable.

Flexible Extensions

While last year’s trend was more on customized furniture to suit individual requirements, it is more like one-size for all kitchens, which is the trend. The idea is to create flexible extensions serving personal purposes, focusing on seating, concealed storage solutions, pull-out breakfast bars (or extended), etc. The kitchen can be used for cooking and dining.

With the Work from Home (WFM) culture catching on fast, there is a particular emphasis on working mothers who work from the kitchen. Today, the pandemic has created a new work from home culture and a trending work from kitchen (WFK) culture. Hence, including a small home office workspace on the countertop in the kitchen is an interesting new trend this year that is picking up fast.

Moreover, it helps the mothers save a lot of time, with no more running to and from the kitchen while working.

Eco-Friendly Kitchens

With global warming being a universal concern today, you can do your bit towards sustaining the planet by going for an eco-friendly kitchen that is environment-friendly and sustainable.

Interior designers specializing in kitchen interiors focus on creating a luxury kitchen design specializing in providing eco-friendly solutions. The trend is to reduce the carbon footprints in every home by endeavoring for carbon-neutral kitchens by the end of 2021.

The ideas include using recyclable materials like bamboo and MDF besides opting for an energy-efficient kitchen design, recycling bins to make compost from bio-waste, and installing solar water heaters for the kitchen trending ideas this year.

Smart Kitchens

Upgrading your kitchen with some modern technology is another popular trend this year for creating a luxury kitchen design that runs on modern gadgets. Today, we have smart refrigerators, ovens, and vacuum drawers, which are all Wi-Fi enabled, making cooking a comfortable and enjoyable job.

Most of the modern gadgets can be controlled from your smartphones. You can now have automated lighting solutions that work at the touch of a button, and you can send commands to your kitchen from anywhere in the house through remote-controlled or voice-controlled technology.

Summing it Up

The kitchen design trends for 2021 are unique and promise a lot of excitement and action in the kitchen. The focus is not just on storage but on convenience and aesthetics as well.

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