Tips That Will Add Value to Your Home

sell-homeLooking to sell your home and hoping to get top dollar? Here are the five top items recommended by real estate experts that are sure to impress potential buyers and boost your asking price.

1. Kitchen Appliances.

The most popular room in any home is the kitchen. It's also the most valuable on a per square foot basis and will make a big impact on your home's appeal to potential buyers. If you're appliances are more than a few years old updating them with newer, more stylish, feature rich appliances will be a big plus in buyers' eyes. If you can afford top of the line appliances stainless steel and professional series are definitely the way to go.

2. Kitchen Cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets make the kitchen shine. Cabinets are always the first item that anyone notices when walking into the kitchen. Good cabinets might not be inexpensive but they are also the item that brings the best return for what you spend. Natural wood is more valuable than laminate surfaces. Feel free to indulge in niceties such as wine racks, custom woodwork, crown molding, which will give your kitchen a leg up on the competition. For less expensive upgrades, add upscale hardware and reface existing cabinets will go a long way toward freshening up your kitchen.

3. Counter tops.

Update and upgrade the counter tops. Like kitchen cabinets every dollar spent is a solid investment. Any room that has counters such as the kitchen, bathroom, and utility rooms will shine when older, low end laminates are replaced with solid surfaces such as granite and concrete. A good money saving tip is to consider using lower priced overlay countertops made from composite granite/ resin for the look of natural stone.

4. Flooring.

Oftentimes when upgrading, homeowners forget about flooring. Good quality long lasting floor upgrades bring a high return on the home investment. Wood, tiles and natural stone are considered the best options to replace old vinyl and carpeting.

5. Fixtures.

Kitchen and Bathroom fixtures. If your fixtures are more than six or seven years old you might want to consider upgrading them especially true you have standard grade fixtures like chrome. Brushed nickel, copper and brass fixtures will bring a fresh upgraded look without digging too deep into your bank account. In the kitchen, consider going with a consistent fixture collection that matches the faucet controls with the faucet. In the bathroom, if possible use the same collection that is in the kitchen, to bring a consistent theme to the home.

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