Tips On Making Your Living Room Classy

Whether you live in a large house in the countryside or in an apartment in the heart of a city, turning your house into a lovely home is usually high on anyone's list of priorities. It often happens that the family-inherited villa has had the same decor for decades. Or if you have rented an apartment, you might not be sure how to give the place a makeover that reflects your personality. That is where home makeovers come in.


Home redecoration ideally starts with the living room as it is the first space you walk into when you enter your house. If the aesthetics of the living room doesn’t appeal to your senses, it can completely dampen your mood and spirit. So, here is a look at some innovative home renovation ideas that will transform your living room into an elegant and classy space.

Clean Up

As simple as this sound, many people just refuse to clean up their house. If you have just moved in, then get rid of all the empty cartons. On the other hand, if you have been living in the same house for years, then throw out the things that are worn out or are no longer in use. Remember that no matter how great your renovation ideas are or how much you are willing to spend on the process, your house will not look sophisticated if it is untidy and over-stuffed. So, in other words, say no to hoarding!

Pristine New Wallpapers

The first major step in renovating your living room is to replace the wallpaper. Swap the old one with a new design that will complement the other changes you plan to make in your living room's decor.

Light Up Your Living Room

Does your house have beautiful French doors and windows? Then it is time to get rid of your heavy dark drapes, and replace them with pastel silk curtains. This will allow natural light to stream into the room, thus brightening up the entire area. If your apartment is on the top floor of a high-rise, you may even choose to keep the windows undressed.

Not all of us have the luxury of living in a place that has abundant sunlight all year round. In such cases, making a few upgrades to the light fixtures can really liven up a room. It’s high time to toss out those harsh white ceiling lights. Replace them with wall-mounted and table lamps that host yellow bulbs. You will be surprised and delighted to see how such a simple change can completely alter the look and feel of your living room.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

An easy way to class up and open up your living room is to hang mirrors. Mirrors do a great job of expanding the existing space, thereby turning cramped corners into chic open walls. A great way to conceal your electronic items, like your flat screen TV, is to place it behind a large mirror. This will give your living room an efficient design and an elegant look.

Gentle Curves

Gentle curves on furniture and window treatments add beauty and sophistication. Sofas with rolled arms and windows with curved shades come together to add a touch of soft, understated beauty. Instead of getting straight line furniture, browse around for pieces with subtle curves.

Two in One

If you have a kitchen that opens up into your living room, then you need to coordinate the color and decor of both spaces. Match the kitchen cabinets and countertops with living room furniture. Go ahead and coordinate color with your wallpaper and your electrical appliances. A well-matched kitchen will further enhance your living room's appearance. There are several websites out there offering the latest products and incredible quality at spectacular savings. First, there's BuildDepot where you can get furniture, lighting and sofa to align your kitchen and living room. At BuildDepot you can get high-end and branded products at almost half price. However, there are two other sites to scour are HomeDepot and TileMarkets where you can get hardwood flooring or laminate flooring and everything else to get your living room and kitchen well-coordinated.

Mix And Match

Renovation does not always require you to throw away all your old stuff, and replace them with new ones. Instead, preserve antique furniture pieces and vintage wall hangings to give your living room an anchor. Now add quirky modern fabrics and accessories to brighten up the decor. This could be accomplished by simply placing a few colourful cushions on your white leather sofa. Small touches can go a long way in transforming the existing decor.

The Little Things

Often our focus lies on the big things, like the furniture, wall paintings and curtains. We neglect to put our time and effort into the little things that give a house its character. Doorknobs are the first thing a guest notices when entering a house. The first impression should be perfect. So, replace old scratched doorknobs with new ones. While you are at it, also get a new welcome mat. Plants are also great for brightening up a room and lifting your spirits. Flowering plants can be placed around the living room to add a touch of class and a whiff of lovely natural fragrance.

These tips can give your living room a complete makeover. After a long day at work, walk through your door and step into a room that is elegant, comfortable, and just the way you want it!

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