Tips for Using Rosin Paper beneath Hardwood Floors

Rosin paper is a multi-purpose building paper used beneath the hardwood floors as an underlayment. This is used as a barrier against moisturizer and it helps the above wooden surface to breathe. It is single ply and is usually a component for protecting roofs and floors. Rosin is created completely out of recycled materials. It has various advantages and is safe to use. The paper is installed prior to the wooden flooring and is available in rolls of varied lengths. The highly versatile paper could be used for multiple jobs and different building systems. You could avail Rosin in 2 different grades including standard and light duty. The type of this paper depends to a great extent on the application. Rosin is used in case of building applications as a work-over or slip sheet. It offers temporary protection to floors as well as other horizontal surface from foot traffic, dust, drips and overspray.

Hardwood Floors

You could avail red rosin in varied widths and weights and some suppliers also cut it as per the length. Others sell this paper only by the roll. Red rosin is used during construction as the slip layer in the middle of the finished flooring and subfloor. It could also be used in roofing applications as an additional protection layer from coal tar drips. Moreover it is used in case of metal roofing systems or built-up roofs. Red Rosin is available in both coated and uncoated varieties. The coated ones help to resist tears and water for a stronger covering and the coating is made up of thin polyurethane.

Before installing a hardwood floor, you should prepare your subfloor. A part of this preparation deals with the moisture blockage that moves up through the floor to the above hardwood boards. If the moisture is unimpeded it could damage the hardwood surface, causing the boards to warp. A technique of slowing down the moisture is covering the subfloor with the help of red rosin paper. The paper infused with resin could stop moisture from reaching the hardwood surface. In order to be effective, the paper should be installed by making use of a specific procedure as per the type of the subfloor.

Let's check out the tips for using Rosin Paper beneath hardwood floors:

Clean the surface of the subfloor

Try to clean the surface of the subfloor by sweeping up debris with the help of a push broom. Make use of a cleaner for your surface and a rope mop for completing the process of cleaning. Never saturate the ground with moisture at the time of cleaning. Wash the ground with clean water and pat it dry with the help of cloth.

Get rid of the wall baseboards

Get rid of the wall baseboards for accessing the total area of the surface. Pry pinned baseboards from the walls with the help of a pry bar located between the walls and the boards at nail locations. Try to apply pressure to the bar for pulling out the boards at nailing point and moving along the nailed location of the board till you pulled the entire board free. Take out the glued-on boards by applying heat to the adhesive with the help of a heat gun. You could then pry the board with a knife slipped through the heat-loosened boards.

Make concrete subfloors

You should make concrete subfloors for the rosin paper by spreading an adhesive layer over the surfaces with the help of a low-nap roller. Just wait for the glue to get dry and lose its wet look. However check out that the adhesive is retaining its stickiness before spreading the rosin on the surface.

Roll the paper in rows

Roll the paper in rows on the floor. Try to cut the paper at the end of every row with a utility knife. You should then place the next row by overlapping the paper edges by 3 inches. You will notice that the paper will stick to the adhesive on the concrete surface. Protect the paper to the wooden subfloors by securing into the right place with the help of a staple gun.

Follow these tips and make use of Rosin Paper beneath your hardwood floor successfully.

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