Tips for Turning a Door Into Art

artistic-doorWhat was old is new again, so they say. Doors rich in character, if a little worse for wear, that may have ended up in landfill, can become objets d'art, if you're of a mind. Doors are great symbols: the portal, the unknown, the new path, so why not take a second look at what may become a cherished piece of art for many years to come?

An old door is like a blank canvas for all sorts of uses, from kitchen shelves, to futon frames, to headboards, to sculpture or an unorthodox canvas for a work of art, doors are more than just for walking through. The following are a few ideas for bringing an old door back to life or giving new life to a new one.

This term describes a process in which decorative paper is adhered to a surface. To dress up a door with decoupage, you can start by painting the door a coordinating color or leave it in its natural state, which adds a nice patina to it. Images from maps, wallpaper, or scrapbook paper, can be cut out and adhered to the door. Arranging them is where your artist's "eye" comes into play. Once you have them organized to your liking, adhere them by brushing on decoupage glue on the door first and then placing your shapes on top and finish with additional glue. A bone folder, which can be found at most art supply stores, can be used to flatten the images and remove undesirable bubbles.

Another neat idea for doors is to change them into frames for mirrors. Elaborate mirrors purchased in design shops often use recently manufactured "antique" doors as frames for mirrors, to give them depth of character and personality. You can get the same effect for a fraction of the cost, by taking a vintage door with a screen or window in the top and replacing it with a mirror. To further cut the costs, use a stock mirror with a very basic frame and have a professional cut the mirror to fit inside the opening and anchor it for you.

You may not have heard of chalkboard paint, but it's a nifty way to give a door a touch of whimsy, and makes for a charming art piece either in the kitchen, a child's room, or anywhere you're feeling playful. Painting inspirational, literary, or personal quotes on your door is a lovely touch, as well.

Have old photographs that you'd like to showcase? Short on wall space? A repurposed door is a fantastic way to take old black-and-white photographs out of the album and give them a compelling presence in your home décor scheme. A hollow-core door or vintage panel door makes a great base of for your photography. To make the photographs pop, paint the door black (or you can also leave the door "as is" to get the shabby chic look)

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