Tips for Improving the Air Quality in Your Home

air-qualityYou spend a lot of time inside your house, so you should be sure that the air you breathe while inside your home is clean and safe. Most people assume that their indoor air quality is perfectly fine, but what they don't know can actually hurt them. According to the EPA, your indoor air quality can be 2 to 5 times, and sometimes up to 100 times, worse than the air quality outside.

There are many common sources of indoor air pollution. This is caused by aerosols, heating and cooling systems, and other indoor products that can build up and release pollutants into the air. Couple that with poor ventilation, and you could be doing some serious damage to your health.

When you continue to breathe in poor-quality air, you can suffer from severe respiratory issues. You may develop asthma, or you may find that you have a harder time breathing while spending a decent amount of time inside your home. If the problem persists, it could result in a more serious condition, such as lung cancer. Obviously, you don't want your home being the reason that you get and/or feel sick, so it's best to find ways to improve the air quality in your home. The following are a few great ways to start breathing in better air.

Ditch the aerosol sprays.

Aerosol sprays, in any form, are not good for the environment. If you use aerosol sprays in your home, it's a good idea to throw them out and replace them with items that are not aerosol based. For example, if you use aerosol deodorant, replace it with a roll on. If you use aerosol hairspray, choose the squirt bottle kind instead. And if you use aerosol air fresheners, replace these with either a candle or a non-aerosol-based option. By replacing these items, you will greatly improve the air quality in your home.

Use a home air purifier.

Sometimes you can't remove all the harmful pollutants just by changing your habits and products. Because of this, it's a good idea to use a home air purifier to ensure that all the harmful pollutants actually get removed from your household, giving you better air quality. According to Wave Home Solutions, a home air purifier "kills mold, viruses, influenza, bacteria, pollen, dust mites and chemical contaminants out of the air you breathe every day in your home." This will not only improve the air quality in your home, but it will also help keep you and your family from falling ill. Because of the health benefits, there are more and more women taking control of air quality in the household in order to improve the cleanliness of the home and the health of the family.

Use better cleaners.

Cleaning your home on a regular basis can also improve the air quality in your home by removing dust and other particles that will eventually get into the air. However, it's very important that you use the right cleaners when cleaning your home. If you are using cleaners with harsh chemicals, you will not improve the air quality in your home. In fact, you could end up making it worse. This is why it's very important that you choose green cleaning solutions whenever possible. These products don't containharsh chemicals, which means they will not have a negative impact on the air quality of your home when you use them. Be sure to carefully read the labels of every product you use in your home. If it contains chemicals or ingredients you don't understand, then it's a good idea to replace them.

Improve ventilation.

If your home has a poor ventilation system, it could be contributing to the poor air quality. By improving the ventilation in your home, you will see better air quality as a result. A home ventilation system will expel humidity and pollutants that are found in the air in your home. It will provide dry, healthy air by removing this moisture and pollutants and not recirculating them back into the air like a dehumidifier will do. You will notice a difference after a few days, especially when you notice that your home smells fresher just because of the ventilation system.

If you can't afford a ventilation system, you can also improve ventilation the old-fashioned way by opening the windows whenever possible. This will give the air inside your home somewhere to escape to while allowing fresher air to get inside your home.

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