Timeless Wooden Furniture for Your Home


Furnishing and decorating a room can be a challenging yet rewarding task. Interior designers often face the challenge of balancing functionality, aesthetics, and value. A discerning eye for quality and beauty is needed to successfully transform a room. Timeless wooden pieces are a good investment when decorating and furnishing a room. Here are the five wooden pieces that you can get add to your space.

Dining set

One of the best investments when it comes to wooden furniture is an antique wooden dining set. Its subtle yet commanding presence can easily becomes the focal point in any room you place it in. When choosing a dining set for an already decorated room, choose pieces that have a single, bold color such as deep brown or black. Focus on the detailing in terms of form and carving. If you buy the dining set for an empty space, you get more liberty to go for unconventional hues such as blue, green, or even deep red.

Antique wooden cabinet


Whether in the living room or the bedroom, an antique wooden cabinet can easily bring a timeless elegance into a space. Antique wooden cabinets have hand crafted joints that adds to its strength. Choose an antique wooden cabinet that has exquisite engraving or painting that matches the theme of your room. You can also make its form and design the inspiration for all the other pieces in the room. For a timeless look and quality, choose a cabinet that is made of hardwood such as oak, cherry and birch.

Lounge chair

A timeless lounge chair needs to have three characteristics. It needs to be strong, beautiful, and comfortable. A lounge chair receives a lot of impact from use so it needs to be built of strong materials. Pure hard wood, a mixture of wood and metal, or an excellently chosen soft wood are ideal. Aesthetics is very important in choosing a lounge chair. It needs to add elegance and warmth to the space. Comfort is a characteristic that should not be compromised. Be aware of the form and length when shopping for a lounge chair.

Antique wooden chest

Antique wooden chests not only exude a timeless elegance, it also displays a characteristic of mystery. The carvings, the stain, or paint of antique wooden chests have such a character that it can affect an entire space. It is best to buy an antique wooden chest when it still has its original joints and hinges. Choose a chest that is wood inside and out. An antique wooden chest can be used as is or as a chic alternative to a lamp desk or a coffee table. Its usefulness, whether in conventional or alternative terms, easily secures its place as one of the timeless wooden pieces for your home.

Antique wooden beds


When it comes to antique wooden beds, the possibilities are almost endless. There are many choices when it comes to size, material, and form. Choose a bed size that fits your purpose and complements the bedroom where it will be placed. Being one of the most important pieces in a home, a wooden bed is a rich and timeless option. Since your bed also receives the impact of your weight, choose hardwood or a combination of wood and metal. Choose a deep stain in a single tone to easily match the other furniture and aesthetics in a room.

Keep an eye for these timeless wooden pieces and its important characteristics when you go furniture shopping. Antiques on Old Plank Road have quality furniture pieces that can add to the beauty of any room in your home.

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