The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Choosing the Perfect Sheets

You have no idea how important a good set of sheets is. When you go home all tired and worked off, a nice and comfy bed feels like your best friend and soul mate. It does not matter how little you sleep, your bedding should cuddle you to sleep. A good rule of thumb is choosing bedding that you would not feel like leaving along, where an extra 10 minutes feel like heaven. Yeah, we all want those kinds of sheets, don’t we? But it is quite tricky to get your hands on the best quality of them. You might think that I am crazy as shopping for sheets is very easy, it is found everywhere, even goodwill carries them. But today we are not talking about average okay type sheets; today we are concerned about the full-blown premium quality sheets, the kind your local vendor has never heard of. Trust me you will love these babies and would never want to leave your bed for good. The website I am referring to is called Turf and Needle, yes it is an online vendor but before you close the article because you don’t want to buy something as personal as sheets from an online vendor do give this video a read, I promise you will not regret your decision. T&N sheets are widely raved about by their existing customers. But before I go into details let me tell you how you can choose the perfect sheets for yourself, you know, one that hugs you to sleep rather than the ones that strangle you into unconsciousness. I will be including 5 points that you should keep in mind before you make a purchase, be it anywhere.

Things that need to be considered before buying sheets

  1. Thread countThread count refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads that pass through each square unit of your sheet. A thread count will indicate how tightly your sheet fibres are packed. The normal thread count is about 215 threads per square units. A good sheet will be anywhere between 200 to 800 counts and sometimes you will notice numbers above 1000 in case of premium quality. Choose the thread count that works the best for you; some people don’t prefer too high thread count as it might feel heavier.
  2. AllergenicMany cheap bed sheets are topped up with chemical finishing agents to add some shine like the ones in your local supermarket. If you are a person who is not that sensitive and not that picky, cheaper sheets might work for you. But for super allergic and sensitive people it is better to opt or a hypoallergenic variant. When sheets are hyper allergenic it means that it is made with all natural materials, no finishing agents, and no chemicals. Normal sheets can give sensitive people some great deal of acne and might aggravate their allergies. If you are not sure it is always safer to go with the hypoallergenic ones.
  3. Fibre contentThis is very important, always read the contents and instructions before you make a purchase, be it an online or an offline purchase. If you see that your sheets are made of 100% cotton, then you might go with it provided your budget permits you. If you are buying premium sheets like Egyptian or Pima do your research well; don’t take the vendor’s word for everything. You can always opt for cotton polyester blend; they are cheaper, durable and less prone to wrinkles.
  4. SizeYou might think that your sheet fitting your mattress is no big deal and they will do that anyway. You know the length and breadth of your mattress and you will buy a sheet accordingly. But unfortunately it is not that simple along with the length and breadths of your mattress; also take into account the height of your mattress. If you have a normal average height mattress you are good to go but if your mattress is a little thicker or if you have a mattress protector, you might want to take that into account as well. If your mattress has greater than average heights go for bigger sheets so that they don’t slide off easily.
  5. Check for warranty and exchange policy of the vendorBefore you make your purchase make sure you check the exchange policy. Sheets are something personal and if you don’t like them there is absolutely no point in keeping them. Some vendors will not want to return or refund their sheets once sold and that is why you should always buy it from a vendor who is willing to exchange or refund their product be it online or offline.

Qualities your sheets need to have

  1. The sheets should be hypoallergenic high-quality sheets that are free from any kind of harsh chemical.
  2. The sheets should be made with only the greatest kind of material, usually of 100 % cotton and be light and breathable.
  3. There are sheets that tend to slip off your mattress; always choose sheets that hug your bed like they are made for you and only you.
  4. The sheets should be soft and sophisticated; they must be ultra soft but also should be durable and not get wrinkly easy.
  5. Make sure the kind of sheets you are using have some kind of warranty in them. Especially if you are paying a higher than usual amount on your sheets, they should cover you from any kind of manufacturing defects. Turf and needle sheets come with their own warranty of 100 days; you can sleep on it for 99 days and then decide whether or not to keep it.
  6. Some sheets tend to not let air flow through them and are usually very dense in nature. Make sure that the kind of sheet you are buying allows air circulation through it so that you don’t wake up sweaty every morning.

If you have any questions, please ask below!