The Furniture of the Decade

Quality. Style. Value. Fashion. Trend. Class. Status. These are just some of the aspects we go for when choosing the ideal furniture for our homes. Of course, the material the furniture is made of is significant. Everyone has their sense of style, and this is accompanied by their preference for particular materials over others. The choice and selection of material for a particular piece of furniture are determined by the convenience of the material to the individual investing in it. Reclaimed wood has been one of the materials most people have preferred for the last decade, and its preference is yet to increase in the coming years. The furniture you have in your home in a way reflects your society, class, reputation, and sense of fashion. Let’s look at the role reclaimed wood furniture has played in this sense.


Social Value

It’s human nature to want to fit in with others. That’s why in the current world society, the word ‘trend’ is common. It’s the word we use to indicate that ‘this is what we are doing nowadays’. Those who go off the trend are considered outcasts. Furniture made of reclaimed wood is not common everywhere due to the fact that it’s rare, and to some degree expensive. Therefore, being in possession of a piece of furniture made from the material has a way of making you seem, appear, and feel special.

If you’ve never heard of reclaimed wood and everyone in the neighborhood seems to insist on acquiring furniture made of it, it’s only natural that you’ll be curious why they insist on it, and whether you too should follow the trend. The first time I heard of reclaimed wood furniture, I wondered what the fuss was all about, and why would anyone want to invest a considerable amount of their time, money, and energy on something so old? Upon doing some research and acquiring more knowledge about the nature of reclaimed wood, my perspective changed completely, and it’s a material I would recommend anyone to choose if one is to invest in wooden furniture.

Reclaimed wood is essentially acquired from old stuff that’s made of wood. However, it’s not just old wooden stuff; most wooden items that are over a century old were probably made of wood that by now is probably more than 3 centuries old, or older. Such kind of wood is considerably durable and of a high quality. They’ve undergone through various agents that have removed moisture from them and toughened them up. This is a natural process that takes place with particular wood like those from longleaf pine or redwood. Well-aged wood from these plants is durable and rare. Mind you, if you were to get a freshly cut lumber from these plants, it won’t have the same quality as the aged ones. The aging process plays a significant role in the quality of these woods. So if you were like me, wondering why on earth would reclaimed wood be a good material for furniture, there’s your answer. And that’s why most people, in the last decade, have been insistent on acquiring furniture made from this material.


Aesthetic Value

Most people prefer reclaimed wood furniture because they’re conspicuous and beautiful. Even the simplest reclaimed wood furniture looks interesting. Just have a look at see for yourself. Furniture made from this material will make your home stand out and your friends and neighbors will always feel like they’re in a special place whenever they visit.

There’s creativity involved in acquiring and including reclaimed wood furniture in your home. You have to know just the right place to put them, and also the right items to surround it. You want it in a place where its beauty will be both welcomed and complimented.

You need to be well informed and have reliable connections to acquire an authentic reclaimed wood furniture. That’s because not all that glitters is gold. There are forgers out there who’ll sell you fake reclaimed wood furniture. Nonetheless, if you’re working with professionals, if they’re the ones providing the furniture, you’re likely to get something legit, and if you’ll be acquiring the furniture from a third party, a professional of this material will be able to distinguish a fake from an authentic one.

You can see that, due to these factors, being in possession of reclaimed wood furniture will make you seem, feel, and appear special. They’ll make your home, office, or whatever interior or exterior look classy, sophisticated, and elegant. If it’s fashion, you’ll be setting your own trend, and if it’s aesthetics, you’ll have already nailed it. Most people with a sense of style have already realized this and that’s why reclaimed wood furniture has been the furniture of the decade.

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