The Benefits of Sleeping on Silk

silk-pillowHave you ever wondered why you work up with a sleep line or a sleep crease on your face? Even if the creases normally go away later they are actually a perfect indication of the damage that is already done on your face when you don't sleep on the right bedding. According to the National Center for Sleep Disorder Research at the national institute of health, 30-40% of Americans have problems in sleeping and experts say that wrong bedding is the main contributing factor. The best way to sleep comfortable and prevent sleep line is by sleeping on silk. They are not only comfortable but they are also gentler and less likely than cotton to resist the face and cause wrinkles. Below are the benefits of sleeping on silk.

Silk is anti–aging

There is a documented research that clearly shows that sleeping on a silk pillowcases can help prevent aging. This is because silk contains 18 essential amino acids and natural proteins which help to effectively counter the effects of aging.

Silk is naturally hypo allergic.

People are rarely allergic to silk. This is because silk is free of any potentially irritating added chemicals and also contains natural substance that wards off various environmental allergens including dust fungus, molds and mites. The small area between individual silk threads does not allow dust and other harmful allergens to irritate your eyes, skin or nasal passage. Furthermore, the smooth silk nature actually allows many things that could otherwise hide in cotton to naturally glide away thus leaving you to actually sleep comfortable through the night.

Less absorbent.

One of the major properties of cotton and linen is that they are soft, absorbent and can easy withstand the washer and dryer. The issue is that with its rough texture and high absorbency, it can actually wreak havoc to your skin. When you are sleeping, your body is working hard to regenerate skin cells and restore its natural oils necessary to keep the skin supple and resistant. Cotton will absorb all the moisture from your skin causing it to become dry, brittle and loose large part of its resistant quality. On the other hand, silk does not do that. Although it is also absorbent, its absorbency is about 11%. That means that it will actually absorb some face cream and sweat but not as much as linen or cotton does. This means that your face will actually stay well moisturized for longer hours than with linen or cotton. Sleeping on silk bedding can not only make you look younger but also more than it actually would if you were sleeping on linen or cotton bedding.

Silk is great for your hair.

Silky smooth is not just an expression. Many beauty experts claim that the luxurious fabric can actually help to keep your hair moisturized soft and free of pesky tangles. When you sleep on cotton bedding, the cotton will cause your hair to knot, bunch and get staticky. However, when you sleep on silk bedding, your hair will slide meaning that there will be lesser damage. Silk may also help to preserve you hair style when you are sleeping.


Temperature regulator

Silk is actually a perfect heat regulator and it always ensures that your perfect body temperature is maintained while you are asleep. Silk actually has the ability to keep you cool during summer and warm during winter. How? Unlike other fibers, silk does not conduct static electricity or heat. This allows heat to be retained during cold temperatures and heat to be released during warm temperatures.

Youthful glowing complexion

The smooth tightly-woven property of silk helps it to keep moisture close to the skin. When you wake up after sleeping on silk bedding, your face will actually be better hydrated than if you slept on cotton. This is actually a great beauty tip for those people with dry flaky skin. A well hydrated skin will show few wrinkles as compared a skin that is dehydrated.

Relief for skin irritation

Various scientific studies have shown that the antimicrobial properties of silk can help prevent skin irritation. Silk actually differs from polyester or cotton in that it consist long smooth fibers that are natural and tightly woven together which helps loss of moisture by the skin. This actually prevents the skin from being irritated thus causing damage.

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