The Advantages Of Solid Wood Furniture

solid wood bedroomFor many people, buying or renting a first home is an exciting time. Having the freedom to decorate a house or apartment in a personal style according to your own taste is both a liberating and challenging experience.

However filling this blank canvas with those personal touches that make a house a home can be very expensive. It is most likely that if you are furnishing your first house, or you've experienced it in the past, you opted to fill the house with cheap flat pack or self assembled furniture made from manufactured products such chipboard or MDF. Engineered ‘woods' such as these are usually cheap because they are made from lower quality woods. They can be made from machines in volume quickly and efficiently and shipped as packaged products that require less space to store and transport. They are the perfect solution when you have a large space to fill and many empty rooms just crying out for some furniture!

While these products are a great, cost effective way to get started, they do not have the build quality and craftsmanship that furniture made from solid hardwoods such as oak benefit from. If you've ever spent a frustrating evening or afternoon trying to build a piece of self assembly furniture, you'll know that more often than not you struggle to replicate the finished item you saw in the store or brochure! These types of furniture tend to rely heavily on current trend and styles, and can look a little out of fashion after a few years. Also, as the years pass by, the furniture can begin to look tired or worn from wear and tear, If it is moved around the room or to a new house or dwelling, it will not stand the test of time and may begin to become weak or wobbly, or even worse, fall apart.

Obviously these are the cons that have to be weighed up against the pros, while on one hand you are getting a cheap piece of functional furniture to get you started in a new home, you may find that you have to replace it every few years.

It is possible to solve this problem by investing in some solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture is more expensive than flat pack furniture because of the obvious cost of the materials used. It is also most likely that a piece of solid wood furniture will be built by a skilled craftsman, spending time to make sure that the furniture is well assembled and built to exacting standards. This may mean you have to spend a little more money, but by investing some extra money in a well built piece of solid wood furniture, you will have something that will last for the rest of your life. In fact, it is not uncommon for an item of real wood furniture to be handed down through generations.

Not only will solid wood furniture stand up to the test of modern life with its build quality and rigidity, it will also mature over time, the bumps, knocks and wear will add character and colour to your furniture. It will not fall apart when moved, and in most instances solid wood furniture manufacturers create designs that are intended to be timeless and look natural in a wide range of interior styles, so you won’t have to go shopping every few years for something new to keep up with fashion, you can just sit back and enjoy the benefits of investing in a quality piece that will bring you joy for many years to come.

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  1. After reading the entire post it feels like the author is actually narrating my own story of making new house furniture!! The post seems really touching !!

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