Step by Step Decorating the Living Room

Our home is the only place which gives us rest and peace unlike any other. It is a place we escape into for relaxation and rejuvenation. Although a home is made up of many rooms which are used for different purposes, a living room in a home is a place which is like the center of the home. It is a space which is used for a number of things for entertaining guests, having parties and get-together's to family teatime chit chats, television watching sessions, simply sitting, relaxing, reading a book and so on. It is a special room as it gives us time to bond, not only with our family but with our friends as well.

There are various things to be kept in mind while doing up a living room. The size is one of the most important aspects as this will be the basis for our furniture planning. Another essential thing to decide is the color scheme. Soft and natural shades are the safest bet. We can also choose from classic shades like beige and other earthy tones or contemporary ones like maroon, green, purple, blue etc. mixed in with white and black. Also if we want this room to be high in energy and active we may go for bright colors such as red, orange, yellow while if we wish to make a more relaxing and quiet room, then soft colors like cream, ivory, light blue, mauve etc. can be chosen. Next the purpose of the living room has to be decided. For example, whether we want to use it only for family only or would we like to use this space for socializing with friends as well. If the answer is former, a cozy and warm kind of designing can be done, with comfortable furniture and soft rugs. Whereas, in case of the latter, a formal set up with enough arrangement for seating, would be advisable.

Once the purpose has been decided, the next step is to properly place the room’s furniture, like sofa set, center table, chairs, side tables, settee etc., as this goes a long way in making the space feel more welcoming. Before we start, however, we must decide on the focal point of the room as the furniture is usually either placed around it or facing it. A focal point can be anything like a beautiful bookcase, a nice view, a fireplace, a mantelpiece, a gorgeous piece of art work or even a television. After deciding the focal point, the furniture should generally be placed in such a manner that seating is close to each other so that everyone can sit together and converse comfortably instead of talking across the room. Never the less, seating should be done making sure that there is sufficient space for people to walk around the room as easily as well.

After placing the furniture, a lot of thought has to be given to make the place feel inviting and likable. Lightings play a crucial role in dressing up any place. Therefore, we have to decide whether we want soft lamps and shades, which make a place look cozy and soothing or big chandeliers and designer lights to give the place a classy touch. This obviously is a personal choice but can be decided to keep the utility of the room in mind. Upholstery is yet another essential criterion. It should always complement the color of the walls as this will enhance the beauty of the room. Matching fabrics, either in same or contrasting colors, are of utmost importance if one likes to play it safe, otherwise to add a little zing, a playful selection of colors can also be made as colors make any place look lively. Whether it is the curtains, the drapes or even the rugs, they help to transform a place immensely. They add to the overall feel of the place and hence should be selected keeping the shades of the upholstery and walls in mind. They can even be used as dividers to create a separate place.

The living room is a room that can be played around with when it comes to decorative items. A beautiful painting, fancy lights or even an attractive piece of woodwork can add charm, grace and depth to the interior décor of a living room. Depending on our likes and interests, we can use different objects to accessorize our room. For instance, if one is fond of fresh flowers, a bunch of beautiful and colorful flowers in an ornate vase can be the center of attraction or else, a memory wall, made with old, new or whichever photos we like, framed in frames of different shapes and sizes, is an excellent idea for beautifying and adding a personal touch to our living room.

However, nothing makes a place more charming and welcoming than a pleasant smell. Looks are obviously important, but an enticing scent takes the effect of the place to a whole new and different level. Smell is such a strong sense that it can even have an effect on our mood and behavior. A fragrant place always feels fresh and clean. Thus, we should definitely make sure that our home, especially our living room, as it is a place that is used most often and has people going in and out all the time, stay wonderfully fragrant.

There are a multitude of home fragrance products available in the market ranging from artificial products like aerosol sprays, plug-ins, scented blocks, sachets and sacks to natural ones based on the goodness of aromatherapy like, essential oil burners, scented candles, potpourri etc. While both products are useful, artificial ones only mask the air for a couple of hours and are harmful as well. Thus a more sensible option is to make use of natural products as they create a healthier atmosphere. Another advantage of these products is that they are generally decorative and thus look beautiful in any home. They complement the interior décor of every home and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Our home speaks volumes about our personality and tastes as it is a reflection of us, our habits and our lifestyles. Its design and interiors represent the person we are. Thus immense care should be taken while setting up a home, especially the living room, as it is a room which is generally used to entertain our family and friends and therefore, should be done up in a way that it exhibits in our likes and preferences. However, ultimately it does not matter whether our home is cozy and comfortable or trendy and modern or small and homely or big and stately, what matters is that it should always be warm and welcoming.

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