Simple Steps for Carpet Cleaning

carpet-cleaningMost of the carpet owners find the task of cleaning carpet is a challenging one, especially if the carpet is highly prone to dust and stains. If they ignore stubborn stains due to lethargy or lack of time, tough dust deposits will be formed on the carpet which will degrade its quality overtime.

It is imperative to clean the carpet frequently and remove stain whenever they happen. However, sometimes if the stains and dirt are deeper and stubborn, it is necessary to either use carpet cleaning machines or hire professional carpet cleaners. Though hiring carpet cleaning service is easy and effective, it is expensive and may not fit in your schedule every time. Hence it should be reserved for periodic cleaning. While a carpet cleaning machine can be economical, it is necessary to buy some cleaning solutions or shampoo to use with it. Alternatively, it is possible to prepare your own carpet cleaner that can be useful with the carpet cleaning machines or for the normal bucket and sponge cleaning. With the help of these cleaning solutions you can either clean high traffic areas, the whole carpet or just stains and spots. Here are some simple and ready to follow steps to clean dirt and food stain without using the carpet cleaning machine.

Simple steps for carpet cleaning :

1. Get the right solution – Take a good quality carpet cleaning solution available on the market. You can also use dish wash liquid and mix ¼ teaspoon of it in warm water to prepare your own home-based solution.

2. Apply it correctly – Apply the cleaning solution to a clean cloth. Dab that cloth on the area where you want to remove the dirt or spots. Avoid the stain to spread further by working from outer to inwards of the stain. Don't let the cleaner to saturate the spot or stain as it will send the stain downwards deep into the carpet and then the excess solution may not be easy to clean out. Further, a residue may be left behind, which accumulates more dirt.

3. Apply more solution – After applying the cleaner turn the cloth and reapply some more cleaner to it as required and continue the process of wiping out the stain or spot. If the stain is still not going try repeating the process once more till the stain is completely removed.

4. Rinsing the area – Once the stain is removed clean the area with another cloth dipped in clean water. Dab the areas where the cleaner is applied to remove its traces and then blot the area with dirt free dry cloth.

5. Drying – Pile up some paper towel on the wet spot. By doing so, the residue trapped in the carpet will come out. If the residue is not removed, it may end up as a stain once the carpet dries out. To allow the paper towels stay at the spot you can place some heavy things on it such as flower vase or pot. The object should be kept for a whole night without any movement. Finally, take out the object and dispose the paper towels. Now fluff the fiber and keep the carpet in open place for air drying.

These steps are can make your carpet fresh and stain-free but note that these steps should be followed immediately after a spot is found. Rubbing the stain violently can damage the carpet as it will disfigure the pile. Always use a carpet cleaning solution that works best and is safe for your carpet. However, if the stains are stubborn and these simple methods cannot remove them, opt for the services of reputed professional carpet cleaners for good results.

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