Simple Ideas to Transform Your Dining Room Table

You can change the entire look of your dining room in just a few minutes by swapping out the basic textiles you have covering your dining room table, such as your place mats, napkins, and tablecloths.

If you are looking for a simple way to be able to make your dining room look new on a budget, then all you have to do is invest in some new textiles and centerpieces. There are many different things you can buy to give the room a completely new feel and help you fall in love with the room all over again. Just by changing out your tablecloth, napkins, or centerpiece, you can make the room feel different. These additions can make your room feel more airy or cozier, more inviting or more minimalistic, or any other look you are going for within your home. There is very little investment needed for a quick sprucing up of your décor, and it can make your home feel like a million bucks. Give some of these simple ideas a try and see just how much creativity can come from even the tiniest bit of inspiration.

If your dining room is beginning to feel a bit stale, then it is time to redecorate. You can easily spruce up the look and feel of your dining room while still staying within your budget, and give the room an entirely new feel. If you want to start creating a new dining room feel today, then here are the three best table top accessories to start with.

The Tablecloth


A tablecloth may not feel like a bit part of the room, but it can definitely have a big impact. You can add color, texture, or a pattern to the room in just a few seconds. For example, if you like a more sophisticated feel, you can put down an authentic striped Oxford tablecloth and it will bring your dining room from stale to stately. Plus with the stripes, you can match the rest of your décor to the colors in the tablecloth and bring a new look to anything or everything in the room you can afford to update.

The Centerpiece


This decorating idea is often overlooked because of the misconception that all centerpieces are time consuming to make or expensive to buy. The truth is you can quickly make one that is completely free if you have the pieces on hand. Here are a few ideas to your new tablecloth and make your room pop.

  • Branches: going outside and finding a few branches and putting them into a vase can create a dramatic centerpiece that is easy to put together and throw out when you’re done. The ideal types of wood for this type of centerpiece are willow, birch, and manzanita because of the unique characteristics that each type has.
  • Candles: this can be small bowls of water with floating candles, little votive candles placed around the table, or it can be frameless candles if you have children and you do not want to risk them bumping into anything. These come in numerous styles, shapes, colors, and even scents to match up with whatever look you are going for in your dining room.
  • Flowers: this classic centerpiece can be done with real or fake flowers, by the stem or by the bunch, and in any color or flower style that you prefer.

The Linens


Linens on your table can quickly and easily give your room a fresh look just in time for guests or a dinner with the family. These are some of the best table top accessories to swap out when you want a new look because of how inexpensive they are, so most people can have multiple sets as necessary. A simple example of how to coordinate your linens is to match them to your tablecloth. If you did the authentic striped Oxford tablecloth, for example, you could pick out a color of one of the stripes for the placemats, and you could even pick out a secondary color for your napkins. You can also coordinate fabric coasters, doilies, or any other linens you want on your table.

Changing the look of your dining room can be fun, inexpensive, and fast. The linens are usually the best table top accessories to swap out because of how quickly the room can be transformed. If your dining room needs a bit of refreshing, then look no further than changing the linens and centerpiece out until your budget allows for a room overhaul.

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