Simple but Wonderful Home Decorating Ideas for New Year's Eve

happy new yearA beautiful home is something to crave for, especially on New Year's Eve, when you are getting ready to venture into a new year of your life. This is a special occasion without any doubt, and your home should look and feel special as well on this occasion. Many people believe that you can make your home New Year's Eve ready only after spending much of cash and wasting countless hours preparing for that. While this might be partially true, we bring you some great home decorating ideas to make your home look exceptionally good and ready to embrace yet another new year.

1 Birch Log Centrepiece

Holiday season simply seems insignificant without flickering candlelight in the ambiance. The good news is that there are countless ways of incorporating the flickering glow of candlelight into your New Year's Eve. One of the simplest ways to do so is to apply a bit of power drill on a birch log and you will get a rustic candleholder. Make sure to mark the depth of tea light candles available with you on the 1½ inch bit of drill using tape. You need to apply a firm pressure constantly with the drill while holding the log in place steadily. Once the drill screws into the log to the marked depth, unscrew it by drilling reverse. Now you can insert the candles into the holes after brushing off the dust. To be on safer side, you might consider using battery-operated candles. Having the basic idea with you, you can innovate as much as you desire.


2 Ornamented Bouquet Centrepiece

If you thought live flowers were the only thing that could decorate a vase for you, think again. This simple yet wonderful ornamented bouquet can serve as a great centrepiece to add to the beauty of your home on New Year's Eve. Get an empty vase and fit its bottom with a florist's foam. Once done, use a reliably strong florist's wire (18-gauge), sticking it into the decorative ball ornament at one end with the other end stuck into the foam. Some greenery and berry branches will serve as ‘icing on the cake'!


3 Sweater Wrapped Lovely Votives

This is perhaps one of the simplest yet undeniably attractive home decorating ideas that you might come across to add some charm to your New Year's Eve. Get hold of one of your old sweaters, cut its sleeves and wrap them around the glass votives to add a personalised glow to the candles burning inside to make a wonderful centrepiece ready.


4 Glass Cloche Lighting Display

This one is great, whether indoors or outdoors; so simple in making and so irresistible in appearance. Get some battery powered decorative strands of lights and top them with a glass cloche to get an amazing conversation starter ready for your home on the New Year's Eve.


5 Ornament Platter

Yes, it is as simple as the name suggests. Grab some of those decorative balls and lay those over one another in a decorative or even plain platter, and you have a simple but impactful centrepiece ready to turn some heads.



There can be endless home decorating ideas to make the most of your New Year's Eve, but these are some very simple and quick ones, so that you get most of the time to enjoy rather than staying engaged on this and that on the most prolific evening of the year.

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