Shower Mixer Taps for Ultimate Comfort & Convenience

The present era is all about technology that can make things happen right away. Whether it is about refurbishing your entire home or just the bathroom, focusing on every minute detail is very important. While talking about the bathroom, it needs to be equipped with the most advanced features in order to provide complete comfort and convenience. In bathrooms, taps are the most significant element especially a shower mixer tap. A shower mixer tap makes the right temperature of water readily available for you when you are ready for a nice shower.

Advantages of shower mixer taps

  • Handiness- The foremost benefit of having shower mixer taps is that they are highly convenient. These mixer taps mix both cold and hot water on its own from different sources. Once you have set the controls, you can have the desired degree of water flowing through the shower. This simply means that you will not have to keep on setting the controls every now and then when you need water for shower. No adjustments are to be made with separate hot and cold-water taps. Thus, you can enjoy your shower without any distractions by selecting the right taps.
  • Wide range- Shower mixer taps are today available in a wide range. Homeowners mostly prefer décor mixer showers, as they easily go well with any type of bathroom theme. On the other hand, thermostatic mixer taps can add an element of modernity in your bathroom and will make it look exclusive. When it comes to the installation, concealed mixer showers are very easy to install if you are planning to do it yourself. This entire variety of shower mixer taps keeps on advancing with the new ones from time to time, as the taste of homeowners also change with time.

  • Safety- Since you are not required to touch the controls again and again to adjust the water level while taking shower, shower mixer taps are the safest. If you have thermostatic mixer showers, then it is simply great. They are controlled by thermostatic valve and balance the water temperature on its own. It easily detects the outside temperature and dispenses the degree of water accordingly. Therefore, shower mixer taps are of great benefit especially homes with small kids.
  • Economy- The most important factor about shower mixer taps is that they are fitted with a flow limiter. This simply means that they avoid too much water flow from both hot and cold pipes. They take water from both the pipes in a limit and dispense accordingly. As a result, your water bills stay in control and you are able to save some dollars. Since the consumption of hot water is not throughout the year, you use only a single flow, which further saves the environment and energy bills.

While you are on a mission to buy the finest shower mixer taps for your home, you should take care of certain factors. To start with, you must avoid approaching a shop that is less known to people, as it is likely to have the least variety of taps. It is better to first browse through the different available options of the sanitary stores around you and then select the most reputed one. Reading the customer feedback of different stores will surely help you in landing up with the most authentic store with the supreme quality of shower mixer taps.

And once you have found the right one and installed it at your home, make sure you clean and maintain it like your regular taps for maximum longevity.


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