Refurbishing Your Guest Bathrooms Economically With Colours

A Number Of Determining Factors For Painting A Guest Bathroom

What to do when you have an old guest bathroom at home and feel that something has to be done about it? While options of renovating bathrooms are many, make sure that it starts right from the bathroom paint. And there are a number of determining factors for painting a guest bathroom, such as, its location. Is it located outside your guest bedroom, or inside it?

The Bathroom Inside The Bedroom

In case the guest bathroom is located well within the bedroom, then you might need a little extension of the decoration theme. That is to say, try extending the decoration from the bedroom to the bathroom. If that does not sound to be agreeable, then at least consider complementing the decoration theme of your bathroom to that of the bedroom.

How to make it? Well, think of it in this way. If the extra-bedroom has green walls and bathrooms contain white fixtures, then the walls of the bathroom can be painted with lighter/darker shades of the green that the guest bedroom flaunts. Or you can simply paint the washroom walls with a neutral shade, and choose upholsteries and linens that coordinate with the colour of the bedroom-green. Try adding some bathroom plants, as well to add a lush effect.

The Bathroom Outside The Bedroom

If there is a hallway or passage in between your guestroom and guest bathroom, then the colour that you paint the passage with plays an important role in this regard. Is the hallway painted in neutral? Then you can try any hue that catches your fancy. Try teal, green, blue, shades of yellow… whatever you choose, make sure that they are comfortable to naked eyes. Teal is particularly a favourite for homeowners who have chosen white or chrome fixtures. Likewise, you can mix and match with shades that you think will well compliment with the shade of your washroom furniture and fixtures.

What To Take Special Care Of

By and large, the bathrooms that we keep for our guests are relatively small than that of the other wash places in the home. So avoid using dark colours on the ‘extra' ones, because it will simply make them appear smaller. Once again, elegant, nice shades of gold, yellow, tan and the like are thumbs-up options. But avoid brown because it often leads to a ‘boring' appearance'.

Apart from adding panache to the walls and being easy on eyes, the other significance of having neutral colours is that they are suitable for both male and female visitors. A warm, happy shade is thus, a comfortable option.

Special Tips

Choosing the right shade for your special places is however, just half the story. Any room that needs to be painted should be well-prepared first. A professional painting company can do it for an extra charge but if you are a DIY enthusiast, then you can do it on your own and save those extra pennies. This is how you can make it:

  • Remove the furniture inside the place concerned. As for the ones which cannot be removed, cover them with a plastic, well taped at the bottom. The cabinets, phone covers, fixtures and outlets should be covered, as well.
  • Thoroughly check the walls for cracks and holes and ‘fix' them, as possible.
  • Buy spackle and apply to prepare your walls for better painting. You can even buy texturizing products so that the walls appear uniform after painting.
  • Do a proper dusting to the walls, cleaning them thoroughly.
  • Ask your painting company to apply primer if you wish to cover a dark-painted wall with that of a lighter one.


If you have any questions, please ask below!