Redecorating Your Dream Home? Don’t Forget These Finishing Touches

ferfergfweIt’s the home you’ve dreamed of for years. You finally bought it, and it was everything you wanted – and more. It’s been a long, hard battle to get where you are now, but the redecorating is almost done. It’s almost time to sit back and relax, and to enjoy the efforts of all your hard work. However, while you’ve poured so much time and money into it – you still can’t figure out what’s missing. Your furniture is perfect; your color schemes are perfect; your layout and design is perfect. Well, it’s probably the little things that you’re missing: the things that you normally don’t even notice in other people’s homes, but that make all the difference. So, run through this list below, and make sure you’ve added everything you can, to give your home the perfect finishing touches.

Curtains and carpets

Curtains and carpets are usually chosen out of sheer necessity: you need them straight away, so it’s often down to buying whatever the retailer has in stock. You’ll promise yourself that you’ll get rid of these temporary additions as soon as you can, but once the decorating buzz has left, it’s hard, to sum up the energy to start playing around with it all again. However, choosing and having the right curtains and carpets can make a huge difference. The right curtains can emphasize any feature windows, and thick, plush carpets give any room a luxurious, cozy feel.

However, you need to think about the overall feel and function of the room too. If you’ve got pets or children, thick carpets could be a nightmare to keep clean. Likewise, if during the renovation you realize that you’ve got gorgeous natural floorboards underneath, then make the most of them. Peel back the carpets and get to work on shining the wooden floors.


While you’re decorating, you’ve probably stripped everything back so that nothing gets damaged, or covered in paint or dust. If you went through and took all the lampshades off and unrequired lighting out, you’ll definitely think that something looks off. Plus, not having the right lighting can dramatically reduce how nice a room looks. Don’t just stick with whatever the previous owner installed. You could experiment with different types: try using LED pendant lights, if you fancy something more impressive, or if you want a subtle look, go for embedded spotlights.

Remember that in rooms where you’ll be getting ready, you need lighting that best reflects the outdoors – you don’t want anything too soft, but on the other hand, you don’t want anything too harsh. Try out a few different lights while you get ready, to see what works best for you.

Soft furnishings

Your living room and your bedroom should be havens of peace and tranquility, where you can relax and unwind after long days. So, to give them the right finishing touch, you need to add in all the soft furnishings that you see in décor magazines and in store displays. From throws and blankets to rugs, pillows, and cushions, you can use them to bring out different shades in your color scheme. Plus, you can create a range of different atmospheres, depending on the fabrics and colors you choose.

Just remember to buy items that are easy to wash: if you’re going to be sleeping under blankets and throws, you want to be able to pop them in the washing machine when you do your laundry, and not have to make any special arrangements for them.

Wall hangings

Your home should represent parts of your personality and your life. So, hanging photos, art and mirrors on the wall not only adds a sense of self to your home, but also makes it entirely yours. You can show off times and memories that you’ve loved, or display your taste in gilded, ornate frames, or minimalist artwork. Plus, they’ll give your rooms identity, distinguishing them from the sources that initially inspired you. Using mirrors is also an old trick to enhance the light in your rooms and make them look bigger – so you’ll be able to make them look even more beautiful.

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