Reasons to Use Yellow for a Sunny Home

Living Room in YellowIf you want to keep the sun in your home all year round, here are a few delightful ideas that will brighten up your entire place and, in particular, your living room, kitchen and bathroom.

The yellow colour is very lively, energetic and refreshing. It shines with optimism, enlightenment and happiness. Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive and bright future. Yellow is also associated with success, abundance and wealth. It sparks creative thoughts, activates certain brain areas, enhances your memory and stimulates the nervous system. It is natural and energetic-perfect for exercise rooms and gyms and is it stimulates your senses and makes you want to move it, move it. The real question is however will yellow dominate the interior design trends in 2014? I could boldly say “yes”, because certain shades of yellow are perfect if you want to achieve rustic, eclectic or vintage look, and this is what most people are after these days. I bet, all you hipsters love to hear this!


Even though painting in yellow is a beautiful way to achieve that sunny look you have to do quite a lot of changes in your home. If you cannot afford to repaint the whole place, or buy a yellow sofa, consider adding a fresh yellow carpet, light yellow curtains, or any other yellow element such as lampshade, mirror frames, pillows etc.

yellow white room

The light coming from outside through your yellow curtains will fill your room with sunshine! A yellow ottoman will also do wonders. Don’t be afraid to combine it with other colours. The colour palette for 2014 is bold and daring, so if you don’t have the guts to go bold, you should well… go home! When you combine this colour to other colours you should consider whether it is a warm shade or a cold shade. A warm ash-blond wooden table should go with the same kind of carpet, or area rug advise carpet cleaning and maintenance experts. Pale colours will also show dirt and grime more easily and you will need professional upholstery treatment more often, thus yellow is not very good for high traffic areas.

Here is one more thing to remember when you use the yellow colour: control the hue and you control the mood. A more muted yellow is soothing and will help you relax. A pale yellow colour creates the illusion of space in a small room. More intense shades really give a more modern look to your room, but muted gold is timeless.

modern yellow living

Buttery yellow is good for a kid’s room, but not for a nursery. Yellow in combination with grey makes the whole place really sophisticated.

Yellow Gray Living Room

If you combine it with brown-you have the ultimate rustic look. Combined with brown, yellow creates both a striking and soft air that makes the whole place appear country and yet modern.

Yellow Living Room and black TV

Yellow and orange make a perfect combination for an exercise area, or gym. One thing is sure, if you go for a yellow interior it will be summer all year round in your home, however, keep in mind that yellow could be a very intense colour and you should carefully choose the right shade for your home, depending also on the amount of natural light that comes in the room. Research on colour psychology has found that very bright and intense shades distress babies and predispose to arguing. Evidence for both were found during studies carried on the effect of colour on mood. Research subjects have reported they recall their parents arguing in a yellow room and parents reported their babies cried in a yellow nursery.


Bottom line is pick the right colour, go bold, but also be tasteful and considerate. Choose timeless shades and elements. Don’t go hard on the eyes and and add more colours that will balance. Choose a colour that will reflect your true self and if you are a sunny and optimistic person you can’t go wrong with yellow!

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