Questions to Ask Your Removal Company in Gloucester

If you need the services of a removal company in Gloucester, you'll need to ask a few questions to be assured of getting the right one. When you choose about three companies and interview them with the same queries you can begin to narrow down your selection to the one that suits your needs the best. Look at the questions below, make some notes, and you'll be confident in the removal company that you pick to move your household goods and personal belongings.


  1. One of the first questions that removals in Gloucester recommend that you ask is about how much notice you need to provide the firm. Usually you will need to book the company's services at least two weeks in advance of your moving date.
  2. Next, enquire about the number of employees that will be sent to your home and the experience and training that they have. It's important to find a company that takes pride in the work that they do and that treats your belongings with respect.
  3. Does the company have liability insurance and is this included in your quote? You should also ask about the level of protection that is included with this policy.
  4. Will they dismantle and reassemble beds, wardrobes, and other pieces of furniture. To prevent confusion and misunderstandings, you should clarify this before you sign any contract. If you expect the removal company in Gloucester to give you an accurate quote it's imperative that you tell them what you expect them to do.
  5. Another excellent question is if you should empty the contents from wardrobes and chests. If the contents are still in these pieces of furniture, they will be extremely heavy; you may request that your removal company clear the drawers and place the contents in labelled boxes.
  6. You should also clarify if the removal team will clean out your loft? Many times stairways to lofts are quite small so it's a good idea to ask about your loft especially if you have items stored up there.
  7. Also, ask how the furniture will be placed once the movers arrive at your new location. Will they need you there to give them directions? Keep in mind that the removal company will place your furniture where you want it, but they won't be continually moving it until you like where it is.
  8. Finally, you may want to enquire about the size of the lorries that will be used and how many will be used for your move. Will you need permits for parking at the old and new addresses and who will get those? At this point you may also want to ask them about a timeframe to pack, load, and deliver your household items to the new location. Make arrangements with friends to meet them there if you want to stay behind and watch them pack up items. Having a helping hand to instruct them where to place the boxes as they unpack them can make the move go much faster.

If you have any questions, please ask below!