Painting Tips: How to Handle a Paint Roller

corner-paint-rollerYou Are Wondering Which Is the Most Effective Pattern to Choose When Using a Paint Roller?

DIY interior wall painting projects can be a tough cookie if you do not know where to start from and how to choose your paint roller technique. Of course, those of you who have already executed a wall painting job with a brush probably know that it is even more challenging than paint roller paint application. In order to quickly learn the right way to handle basic painting tools and operate a roller in a professional manner, you may follow the next few simple instructions on how to use a paint roller:

  • The first thing that you will have to do is soak up the roller you are about to use. For latex paint, you can use water, but for oil based or glaze finish paints, you'd rather soak up your roller in the appropriate thinner.
  • Once you are done with this, make sure to roll out the excess moisture over a piece of grocery paper bag, scrap lumber, or any other type of craft paper that you have at home and no longer need. A major mistake some homeowners do is to use newspaper for this purpose! Please, don't do it! Keep in mind that newspaper pages have ink that can be easily picked up by the roller.
  • Take your roller pan and fill it well to about 50%, and set the roller into it. In order to allow the paint to work into the roller (do this when you start painting only), lift it and roll it down the pan's slope. Do it a couple of times, if necessary.
  • When the pile is well saturated and not overloaded choose your painting method. The zigzag pattern has so far been the most popular method which painting specialists apply for interior jobs. Zigzag painting is actually painting a capital letter W, N, or M (preferably on a one foot area) without lifting the roller from the wall, and then filling in the blank space with both vertical and horizontal strokes. It is highly recommended to work on 2-3 areas at the same time, if you want to save a few hours and avoid waiting too much for the paint to dry.
  • Once the area you have painted first looks dry, smooth it, and try to blend it with the previous one.

Licensed painters recommend that you start painting with a roller stroke in an upward direction. This way, the paint that runs down will not make a puddle. Avoid rapid strokes as, they may cause a spray effect and damage not only your clothing but also any uncovered furniture.

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