Out of Box Lighting Ideas With LED Lights

LED lighting has emerged as one of the most suitable types of lighting for home interiors in recent years. Though these lights are quite expensive, their long durability and limited power usage make up for the high price. However, despite the numerous choices for LED lighting, you might feel confused as to which one you should select.

One important area that you will need to pay attention to is color gamut and temperature. Color Rendering Index(CRI)is a standard that specifies the way in which a particular light source will recreate the color of objects efficiently. Usually, interior lights come with a CRI rating of 60-100.

Lighting Ideas

But CRI isn't the only factor that you need to focus on. The color temperature that is used to measure the emission spectrum of light also matters. One thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that two different lights can have the same CRI ratings. But objects will look different if the released from them are rated in two different color temperatures.

Color temperature is used for measuring the color output from a light source. It is normally shown in Kelvin. The main issue that you may face as other people is that you are habituated to the use of color temperature of normal incandescent lamps for lighting your interiors and are normally 2700 K.

Lights with a color temperature rating of 2700-3000K are more suitable for use in the interiors of your home. The ones that come with a color temperature rating of 5000K emit white light with greater blue content that is harsh for the eyes. Therefore, when you start looking for LED lighting, go for either the ones that come with a color temperature rating between 2700-3000K.

Low power use requires a new installation. If you are planning to give a new look to your kitchen, then reduced power lighting should form a part of the remodeling process. You can opt for CREE LED recessed lights for installation at the ceiling. But under counter lighting makes use of LED strips with low voltage. They have a color temperature rating of almost 5000K but are indirect and so will reflect from your kitchen cabinets.

But what are you going to do with the light fixtures that you already have? They will look odd once you install the new ones. The best option that you may go for is the CREE LR6 retrofit kit. Though the look within your room may not look exactly as it was, it will have some similarity. The CR6 retrofit kit uses a little less power as compared to CF. However, if you replace some can lights measuring 50-65 can lights with them, you will be able to make substantial energy savings. They also come with a 90+ CRI rating, which is quite suitable for LEDs.

LED technology for home interiors has undergone significant developments in recent years. But you may come across some backdated information on the same on the internet. But a little bit of care while buying LED fixtures and lights can make the buying process easy for you. A good understanding of color temperature and CRI will be more than enough.


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