Organize Your Closet, Organize Your Life: 5 Genius Moves to Bringing Order to Your Wardrobe

rfrftCleaning and getting ready for the coming seasons isn’t just about caulking windows and dusting fans. It’s also the opportune time of year to reorganize your closet space. While the purging can allow you to make room for new seasonal items, it also brings order to the items that are in good condition and should be worn in the coming months.

Purge the Old for the New

A closet organizational project is a major undertaking. But if you don’t purge the old items, an already small bedroom may be consumed by an endless sea of clothes and clutter. If you haven’t worn the items for two or three years, it’s time to donate or sell the pieces. Those that are in good condition or that have tags on them can be sold at a resale or consignment shop. Items that you may have worn but still look decent can be donated to a local charity. Ditching the no longer used clothes adds more space to your closet setting. This allows you to incorporate shoe racks, shelving units, rods and other organizational pieces.

Display for Simple Access

If you’ve wasted endless hours of the day wondering what you’re going to wear, you know how important it is to organize your wardrobe, especially your accessories. Shoes, purses, necklaces, ties and bracelets are all grab and go options that should be organized for easy access. A well-crafted, stylish and unique pair of handmade western boots will speak volumes to you from your shoe rack. You can ramp up your wardrobes attitude by displaying them with the right necklace, top and purse. When you have everything in order, this allows you to save time wondering how to match your outfit with the perfect accessories.

Don’t Skimp on Hangers

Budget-savvy individuals may want to keep closet organizing costs to a minimum by purchasing discount hangers. But your clothes could wrinkle and tear with the plastic or wire pieces. Closet organizers will find thick wood hangers helpful in keeping everything neat, orderly and uniform. You’ll also find designer brand hangers that offer your closet a sleek look. With a little additional money, your hangers will last longer, be harder to break and keep your clothes looking like new. For pants and capris, look for hangers that have special clips to hold the pieces in place without creasing the material.

Utilize Every Inch of Space

Once you’ve ditched the clutter, you want to use every inch of space within your closet. Closet organizers found at your local home improvement store can assist you in keeping everything tidy. If you need room for more hanging clothes, add a rod or bar to your space. Shoe racks and bins are other space saving options. If you don’t have room for them on the floor, think overhead bins above your clothing rods. Here you can store items that you may not use year-round such as seasonal clothing, sentimental pieces and items that don’t take up a lot of room.

Mesh Your Wardrobe

When you’ve added your rods, bins and racks to your closet, it’s time to bring order to your clothes. To make it easiest to pick out an outfit for the day, mesh your wardrobe based on how well the items go together. For example, cluster together a fashionable jacket in a camel hue with coordinating navy slacks, skirt and a darker shade of jeans. Shirts or blouses meshed with the grouping can include red, ivory or white. Make sure to include both dressy and casual pieces in every clothing grouping. Vests and sweaters can also accompany the outfits nicely, depending on the season.

Customizing your closet by getting rid of the clutter and adding more storage will prove beneficial throughout the year. It’s a great way to utilize the items in your wardrobe that are still stylish and fit well. You can also add complimentary pieces. Bringing order to your wardrobe also provides easy access, so you don’t waste time staring aimless into your closet wondering what to wear.

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