New Trends in Interior Design and Tableware

19 century tableWhat is happening in the world of interior design; what trends are we falling for; which styles are we rejecting; is there a color we just have to have right now and how are we spending time in our homes?

That’s a lot of questions, but thankfully the answers are easy to come by. Fans of home design are currently chasing the summer rush for all things in fizzy pastels and pretty floral prints. There’s a feeling of nostalgia dominating our homes and whether it has its roots in comfort-seeking or is a genuine nod to some brilliant mid-century design, we should not complain.

Mid-century moods

Mid-century modern design covers the period between the 1940s and 1970s. It was a turbulent time of war and subsequent deprivation, which had a huge influence on furniture styles and design. Increasingly, in our modern interiors, we are furnishing with selected pieces from this golden age of restrained design. Anyone wanting to buy into mid-century style is advised to target quality manufacturers, such as Ercol, who create simple, timeless furniture that will look good for a lifetime.

Staying in is the new going out

Home entertaining is big right now. We are choosing to stay in and treat friends and family to home cooked meals, rather than venturing out to restaurants, bars and clubs. A direct result of this shift in behavior is the fabulous choice in new dining table sets currently hitting the market. For traditional schemes, large pine tables have an enduring popularity, but don’t dismiss some of the other new players on the dining furniture scene. Modern homes look fabulous with 60s inspired, glass-topped circular tables, teamed with Perspex chairs in acid shades for a totally swinging, sensational look. Extendable tables work hard for their keep at large gatherings and offer the ultimate in practicality and good looks. After a long flirtation with the blondes, trends in finishes are once more moving towards the darker woods, with a preference for matt, roughened surfaces.

Tasty tableware

In tandem with the rise in home entertaining comes a growth in interest in tableware. When serving up new and exotic foods we need tableware that presents it in its best light. Contemporary crockery is often regarded as a blank canvas for culinary creations and is therefore un-patterned and often white. Shapes vary, from square geometric ranges, to curvy organic and even asymmetrical designs; basically, anything goes as long as it is minimalist. Increasingly, the decision to buy a plate is based on how food will look on it, rather than an appreciation of the plate as a standalone piece.

Other materials, such as glass and stainless steel, are making inroads into the tableware market. Colored glass bowls and bright steel platters are seen on the swankiest dining tables, alongside sleek, simplistic flatware. Traditionalists will enjoy the current botanical and zoological inspired patterns in porcelain and ceramics, which lend timeless elegance to a meal. Mid-century-modern fans should keep an eye open for original 1950s ceramics by brands such as Vernonware, Homer Laughlin and Franciscan. They not only look authentic, but may be the heirlooms of the future.

Trends come and go in interiors, but good design, function and form never go out of fashion. Follow the guidelines above and bring some fresh ideas to the table this summer…

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