Nail the Classic Contemporary Look with a Chesterfield Sofa

The classic contemporary look is a coming together of old and new; a contrast of time and styles rolled into one. With the philosophy of modern contemporary design broken by touches of classic furniture and accessories, the classic contemporary approach brings your interior to life with thematic juxtaposition.

As you’ll see from the images in this article the concept looks fairly simple at a glance, but pulling off the classic contemporary look is more difficult than it seems. It takes a fine balance of the old and new, understanding of where to break the rules of contemporary design with a perfect weight of subtle and bold accessories. There are a few sure fire ticks to help you nail this coming together of styles, which we’ll be looking at in this article. In particular, the bold impact of a Chesterfield sofa in classic contemporary interiors.

Bold impact meets perfect balance

Chesterfield Sofa

Even that gaping fireplace isn’t enough to steal the attention away from the brown Chesterfield sofa in this shot. With clean lines and right-angles everywhere the sofa is a contrast of shape and colour against the two-tone scheme of the rear wall, floor and grey rug. Balance is perfectly restored with the soft red brick to the top of the shot, the round antique film boxes to the left and the red flames of that incredible fire. While the vintage lamp to the top caps off this perfect balance between vintage and modern.

Chaos vs calm

Comfortable Chesterfield Sofa

This design uses a stronger form of colour and texture contrast to bring a touch of country elegance to an originally clean studio interior. Stuffed animal heads should have no place on such virgin white wall, but the grand piano, zebra rug and those incredible velvet Chesterfields bring semantics of elitist class that justify the taxidermy hanging on the rear wall. The extent of furniture and accessories border on the verge of clutter-a far deviation from modern spacious designs. But large windows and a generous supply of natural light against white walls adds just enough spacious feel to make this interior work.

A softer approach

Plus Chesterfield sofa

With so much soft light and archaic accessories you could miss the touches of contemporary in this interior at a first glance. Vintage design sketches, those marvelous chandeliers and an excess of soft creams mixed with browns leave little room for a modern twist. But the square frames on the rear wall and the coffee table sit either side of a ludicrously plush Chesterfield from the modern day-bringing just enough of the contemporary into this otherwise classic interior.

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