Myths About Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses! The word delights us with a feel of comfort, elegance and richness. Not only does a mattress serve the purpose of enhancing the looks of a room, but also it helps in a variety of other ways. From decorating a room it serves to keeping the floor warm. In similar many means a mattress suits in furnishing a home. However there are a few things that matter equally as does the use of mattresses. The primary of them being the cleansing method of mattresses, there are a few myths about the cleansing purpose of mattresses that are essential to be cleared. Here below are a few common myths about mattresses that need to be considered and known, have a look:


1. Mattresses cleaning should be prolonged until dusts accumulates
It is important to know that as beautifully a mattress serves comfort and design; in a similar manner it also attracts dust, fungi, pollen, food chunks and drinks too. A mattress is made of such material that attracts the above listed things quiet easily. In such a case, it can also become hazardous for health as it can enter the human body through breathing. Many people believe that mattresses should be cleaned once in a long time, this however remains untrue for the simple reason listed above. Therefore mattresses should be properly cleaned from time to time.


2. One can clean their own mattresses
Many a people believe that they can clean their own mattresses; this is a great misconception. Mattresses and sofas are designed and made of a delicate fabric that has its own unique way of cleaning. If cleaned in an untrained way can lead to stains and other deformities. Improper cleaning of mattresses can also lead to damaging the fabric, apart from streaks and stains. So, one should be precautious enough to clean the mattresses and should prefer hiring a professional for the same.

cleaning of mattresses

3. Any cleaning company is suitable for cleaning the mattresses
This is one of the biggest misbelieve that persists in many a hearts. It is important to know that usually most cleaning companies lack proper cleansing equipments. Some that own often have a less trained staff that does not possess good knowledge of cleaning mattresses. In case such cleaners are hired it is more susceptible that it might lead to damaging of the mattresses. In order to save any trouble related to the damaging of the mattress one must only hire a renowned cleaning company.

cleaning mattresssss

4. New mattresses do not need cleaning
It is again a myth in the minds of many people that new mattresses do not require cleaning. Mattresses are made of such fabric that attracts dust and other minute particles. If not cleaned regularly can lead to the deformation of the mattress and make it appear old and worn out. If new mattresses are left for a considerable long duration without cleaning can accumulate enough dust to depreciate the quality of the fabric. It is therefore important to get the mattress regularly cleaned; and only renowned professionals should be hired for the same.


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