Modern Bed Designs You Should Be Exploring

What is the focal point of every home? It is the bedroom. And the focal point of the bedroom? The bed of course!

Your choice of bed can make or break the overall impact of your house. A good bed can add character and dimension to even the drabbest of houses. In many instances, if you want to give your home an upgrade, the easiest way to go is to get a new and fancy bed.

There is a wide range of bed designs to choose from, so if you are looking for the perfect furniture to fit in your bedroom you will have plenty of choices to find the one that suits your taste and preferences. Moreover, modern beds have a variety of styles and designs that combine fashion with functionality. Certainly, if you want the right bed for your bedroom, you can suit yourself to one of these gorgeous and modern bed designs.

Modern Bed Design Options

Modern Bed Designs

Storage Beds:

These beds are great for people who are trying to save space in their homes. They provide an additional storage space where you can keep your clothes or other goods. These beds generally have slates that act as drawers and so they doubly function as wardrobes. The good news is that they come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are made from many different materials. In some beds the storage spaces are hidden or camouflaged so they cannot be seen. For these beds it is important to have both a box spring and a heavy mattress. Storage beds are more than just ordinary pieces of bedroom furniture; they double as secret spaces for storage and add class and refinement to any dwelling.

Platform Beds:

Platform beds are the ultimate type of contemporary beds. These designs are ultramodern as they are sleek and minimalistic. They occupy very little space and add a look of elegance to an otherwise simple bedroom. They are an ideal enhancement to any modern décor. The best things about these beds are their strength and durability. They have a beautiful design that provides a look of sophistication. Moreover, they are easy to assemble.

Multi-Purpose Beds:

Efficiency is the whole point of modern décor. The idea is to fulfill a large number of functions while occupying as little space as possible. There are several innovative pieces that combine sofas with beds. You can combine the two pieces to make a circular bed, or separate them to make two large sofas. This bed will be efficient, functional and very stylish. This saves both space and money and is a great way to surprise your guests.

Suspended Beds:

If you like things that are bold and unique, then this is the bed for you. The beds are suspended from the ceiling with thick and heavy ropes. While some people may not find them comfortable, the visual effects are certainly stunning. They look wonderful and can blend seamlessly into almost any background. They are certainly perfect for anyone who wishes to have a little adventure in their lives.

Modern Bed Design

TV + Bed:

This bed involves a hidden panel containing a TV which slides out when you press a button. This provides an optimum view of the TV from the bed and is a perfect way to relax in bed. It is a must have bed for all the TV junkies out there.

Sofa Bed:

This is a clever piece of furniture that takes technology and clever design to a further step. On the first look, it appears to be a simple sofa. However, it can unravel to form a bunk bed. It is a sofa by day, but a fancy bunk bed by night. It is a great bed for college roommates who need space and so a sofa/bunk bed will be perfect for them. It even has a strong ladder as well a protective guard.

Bookcase-Bed Combo:

This bed looks like a game of Tetris and combines a bookcase with a bed. It maximizes space and helps add some colour and character to your walls. The sleek appearance also helps your home look modern and even futuristic. The storage walls provide space for the bed, which can be disconnected easily at night.


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