Mobile Storage Services: General Considerations

storage units“I will declutter my house tomorrow.” You must’ve made this specific promise to yourself a thousand times, but could never seem to fulfill it. While it is in our nature to procrastinate, we ought to have an inner discipline to at least keep our own homes tidy and neat. One of the reasons why you have so much clutter in your apartment is because you have too much stuff taking up space, yet you don’t even use them or need them.

By using a mobile storage unit, you can declutter your home or apartment, get more space, and spend less money.

Get More for Your Money’s Worth

Nothing is more annoying than not getting exactly what’s on the price tag on a product or service. In fact, some TV ads mention you getting more for your money’s worth. Well, that’s certainly a lofty idea that anyone would look forward to! But how can you be sure that companies give you that? Give you more than what you pay for, or are they just out to con you? The truth is you can never tell, so it’s best if you do your homework in order to find out.

But if they do offer you more than what you’re paying for, these are the signs to look for:

  1. Sturdy steel mobile storage units
  2. Safety padlock and key
  3. Safe and secured facility with 24/7 CCTV and alarm systems
  4. Self-storage units comes with ventilation systems to provide fresh air inside
  5. Weather, fire, vermin and theft-proof portable containers
  6. Side and ceiling tie rails to keep your cargo in place to prevent load shifting
  7. Plenty of self storage unit sizes to choose from for any type of cargo
  8. Best price offerings for high quality service
  9. Protects your cargo from damage with insurance
  10. Has a reimbursement clause in the contract in case your cargo gets lost or damaged
  11. Has an upgrade option for professional staff to help you pack, load and unload your cargo. If this is what you’re after, search for Mobile Serviced Storage.

How Much are You Paying for Mobile Storage Service?

A good deal is one that benefits both the merchant (mobile storage company) and the buyer (you), but the merchant makes it seem that you’re getting more from what you paid for even though he knows he still makes a slight profit from the deal. Below are some typical self-storage container sizes and what the cost per cubic meter being offered.

  • 6-ft shipping container: 10m3 capacity and is can hold a cargo of 2 standard-sized bedrooms worth of goods = $22.95 per week / 10m3 = $2.29 per m3 per week
  • 8-ft shipping container: 12m3 capacity and can hold a cargo of 3 standard-sized bedrooms worth of goods / 12m3 = $2.07 per m3 per week
  • 10-ft shipping container: 19m3 capacity and can hold a cargo of 3 standard-sized bedrooms worth of goods = $34.95 per week / 19m3 = $1.83 per m3 per week
  • 20-ft shipping container: 38m3 capacity and can hold a cargo of 3-4 standard-sized bedrooms worth of goods = $59.95 per week / 38m3 = $1.57 per m3 per week

What Should You Be Getting for the Amount You Spend on Mobile Storage Units?

Make sure that the storage company you’ll work with has built an outstanding reputation for themselves and is known around Melbourne. You need a business that’s dependable and also offers affordable rates to their mobile storage units.

This is definitely a good sign that you should sign up with this company!

You should be delighted by the things included that perhaps you weren’t expecting. Things like side and ceiling tie rails and other features that you never knew you needed. If the company offers Cheap Storage Prices and superb customer service, then you know you’re in good hands. One more thing, don’t forget to ask about hiring some helping hands in the form of their professionally trained staff of removalists and storage personnel to help you do all the heavy-lifting.

If you have any questions, please ask below!