Mirror Mirror On The Wall – How Mirrors Can Help Open up a Small Space

In many of North America’s larger metropolitan areas like New York, Toronto, and Vancouver, space is very much at a premium – so much so that it’s woefully apparent that only the very well to do can afford to truly live comfortably. For the rest, it would seem that sacrificing personal living space is a small price to pay when renting an apartment that’s within walking distance of the city’s bustling core.

For these people, creative decorating techniques are crucial for adding the illusion of space where there is none; and if natural light, high ceilings, and large windows aren’t an option, creating the illusion of space may seem utterly impossible. There is hope, however, thanks to an old design technique that homeowners, restaurants, and hotels have been using for decades to add depth and space to any room – the addition of mirrors.

Simply installing mirrors, however, won’t revolutionize your space; they have to be the right pieces to fit into your existing décor and complement your quality furniture. Mirror placement, believe it or not, is as much an art as it is a science.

The Smaller the Space, the Bigger the Mirror

Though it might sound strange, there’s nothing wrong with going with a big mirror in a small space. Understandably, you might think the illusion of space afforded by a large mirror isn’t worth giving up real wall space – but think again. Using small mirrors in small spaces, will economize your apartment’s real estate, but they can actually make your space feel more claustrophobic and cluttered. Large mirrors by contrast, eliminate that feeling of closeness particularly in narrow spaces like hallways and entryways.

Many urban dwellers abhor their entryway – to them, it feels unnaturally cramped and offers guests a lackluster first impression. A large mirror, with or without an ornate frame, not only adds the impression of space, it could also add a bit of a WOW factor at your home’s threshold.


Floor Mirrors – Play Around with Placement

Floor mirrors are most conventionally relegated to the bedroom, and it’s easy to see why. Your bedroom is where you try on different outfits and give yourself one last look, head to toe, before you head out for the day. But leaving them in the bedroom does very little to tap the true potential of these mirrors as far as your décor is concerned. The subtle addition of a floor mirror to your living room to accent a beautiful chair or other noteworthy piece cannot be understated. Remember, when it comes to mirrors and placement, tasteful subtlety where it makes sense is imperative. Too many mirrors placed haphazardly around your home could peg you as being a bit narcissistic – it’s therefore important to make sure that the mirrors and their placement, serve to enhance the style of the room and give the impression of feeding your vanity.

A Well Placed Mirror Can Boost Natural Light

Apartment dwellers in particular must often settle for too few windows. While it’s expected that one might not have a dazzling skyline view in spite of living downtown, the greater tragedy to having too few windows is a lack of natural light. To counteract this, you could install a mirror on the wall adjacent to a window. Though this won’t create more light, the light coming in from the window will be reflected within the room, giving the appearance of a second window, more light, and help make your space feel less stuffy.

Mirrors Can Add Whimsy to Your Space

aldo-mirror-2If the idea of shopping for mirrors doesn’t exactly ignite a fire of excitement within you, it might be because your view of mirrors is a utilitarian one. Yes, mirrors serve a function, but they can also be great elements of style (you needn’t settle for a traditional rectangular or square mirror). The Aldo Mirror for example, is as much an art piece as it is a mirror. While this mirror is still completely functional, it doubles as a masterful conversation piece.

There’s truly nothing wrong with a small living space. The key is to find ways to not only make the space seem bigger, but do so in a way that doesn’t detract from your home’s appearance. In more ways than one, mirrors in tight spaces are very much your friend.

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