Master Bedroom Renovation Ideas

Are you planning on renovating your master bedroom but don’t know where to start?

When it comes to decorating bedrooms, you can’t afford to take risks with the decor without blowing your budget. It is important to know what kind of theme you would prefer and to have a sort of plan before you get started.

In this article, you will find some useful tips and ideas that you can use to re-decorate your master bedroom and give it a whole new look.

Tips to Reinvent the Look of Your Master Bedroom

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Improve the Look of Walls

Changing the colours of your bedroom walls is one of the most budget-friendly ways to alter the appearance of your room. You can do this by either painting it a different colour, or by switching up the wallpaper. How your walls look can have an effect on the entire look of the room. You can also paint different patterns and designs on your bedroom walls for an interesting look. A unique idea is to paint a scenery on one of the walls. Alternately, you can paint the night sky on your ceiling for a beautiful and very different design.

Add New Bedroom Furniture

If you have decided to renovate your bedroom, then it may be time to throw out your ancient, worn out bed and get something new. The same goes for the rest of your bedroom furniture. Throw out anything that’s broken and replace it with something functional. You don’t have to splurge here, you can even go for second hand furniture as long as they don’t look old or broken. If you have a bigger budget, then get a customized headboard. This will give the room your own personal touch. You can also splurge on curtains, rugs and ottomans. These key pieces usually determine what your room will look in the end. You can also get creative about the designs and textures of these things.

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Walk-In Closet

If you have a bigger budget to spend, get a walk in closet. They are definitely a luxury worth spending on. They will help you organize your clothes and accessories neatly and efficiently. Renovating your bedroom is the time to clean out your old wardrobe. Throw out anything that doesn’t fit you, or anything you haven’t worn in the last two months. Your walk in closet can easily double as dressing room as it offers a huge amount of space, provides privacy, and are extremely functional.

Custom Curtains and Blinds

Luxury curtains and custom blinds are the easiest way to make an ordinary bedroom look elegant and refined. Fancy drapes are a classic way to block light and add depth to a room. If you prefer a brighter room, opt for lacy, light curtains that afford privacy without making your room too dark. You can also get customized curtain rods for a more expensive-looking room. Wooden or bamboo blinds are a great option if you want a change from curtains. Shutters will also look great for a classic, somewhat old fashioned look.

Restructure Your Bedroom

The cheapest way to renovate your room is to work with what you have. Shift your furniture and put them in different places. This simple move can change the entire dynamic of your bedroom. Rearranging the position of all your furniture can easily make your room look different. The right arrangement can even make your room look bigger. It is also a great way to give your room a proper cleaning job. It is a good idea to let your furniture ‘float’ instead of pushing them all up against the wall. It will make your room look more inviting and cozy.


There are several easy and cheap ways to decorate your room to give it a new look. Use a range of bedroom accessories including a large ornate mirror that can help make your room look larger. You can also place some scented candles strategically to give it an intimate look. Adding a few painting and other hanging decorative pieces can improve the look of your bedroom, but be careful when using them to ensure that you won’t go overboard.


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