Making a Luxury Home on a Budget

They say money can't buy taste and that is absolutely true. Therefore, whether you are a high flying CEO or a door-to-door budgie sales person (I assume there isn't a lot of money in that), you can afford to have a home that looks great you just need to use your better instincts …and follow this advice! The most important thing your home must do is make you feel happy and relaxed and the best way to do this is to follow your tastes and not to keep it as uncluttered as possible.



Too often lights are overlooked as necessities which are purely for function. However, it is easy to find lighting which looks great and really adds a classy touch to your room. Sales rooms and flea markets often have fantastic looking lights at a really low price. You may even find a chandelier that really sets off the room. Floor lamps and other alternative sources of light also give a room a luxury feel.

Luxury Home

Solid Wood Flooring

A good tip to follow when looking for interior design which will look great for a long time is to think timeless rather than fashionable. Solid wood flooring (such as the ones available from Discount Flooring Depot) look fantastic in a variety of rooms and styles. While this isn't the cheapest type of flooring on the market it is hard-wearing and will last a long time so will save you money in the long run.


Similarly, it is best to pay that bit extra on furniture at the start to reduce costs in the long run. Badly made furniture brings down the look of a room and will end of up costing you in maintenance costs. Websites such as Loaf have some fantastic design that are stylish and timeless.


While the colour gold comes in and out of fashion it is perhaps best avoided when it comes to buying accessories for your rooms. More subdued metallic shades such as silver, brushed nickel and chrome are preferable and perhaps less susceptible to the ravages of fashion. Therefore, when it comes to choosing your picture frames, lamps and (limited) ornaments, remember to opt for colours that aren't too garish.



Your choice of colour scheme is an important decision. Again, it is best to go for something that will not come across as too garish. Choose a more neutral colour and use bold colours elsewhere and sparingly. Painting interior doors dark colours can give a luxury quality to a room providing the door does not take too much of the wall space.

Keep it Tidy

The most cost-effective way to keep your home looking classy is to keep on top of the housework. A tidy, well-organised home is often a happy and expensive looking one. Vacuum and dust regularly, and keep that clutter to a minimum.

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