Make Your Home a Difficult Target for Burglars

BurglarPeople say that common sense is not that common. This applies even when we think of keeping our houses safe. We usually invest in high-end locks and grilles and make sure that our home has the latest security alarm installed but what about checking all the access points and ensuring that they are adequately locked? We don't. So when it comes to securing your home, you need to think about the obvious and apply your common sense. Getting latest locks would come after that.

Don't make the job easier for burglars

If you consider burglary to be a mind game, you need to imagine how a burglar would break in. He would try the unbolted doors and windows first as he can gain entry without much trouble. The front door is the last door he will try. Usually the burglars target the garage door, pet door or any window which is not locked properly. This theory corroborates with data also. Around 27% of burglaries in USA are committed without forced entries! So, the thieves literally walked in the houses and robbed them off.

This is clue enough for you to choose what to do while leaving for work or when you go on a long vacation.

Make a thorough inspection of your house

Before you head towards a store and get the latest locks, you actually need to inspect your house. Check all the windows and doors of your house. The glass sliding doors need special attention.

The pet door is perhaps the most favorite with burglars. It is easiest for them to unlock the knob by just lifting the plastic door guard and sliding their hands in.

If you have glass panes in doors, they can be easily broken. The burglar would take no time to unlock the door. Deadbolt locks with turn knob are the easiest to open. So you need to think of either replacing the lock or the door itself.

The garage is another weak point. After a careful inspection you will know which doors and windows need locks and it would be better for you to shop around for the best locking system.

Bolster your security system

Getting state-of-the-art locks is not enough considering the efforts burglars make to break into houses. You need to strengthen the doors and windows also. The glass-paned doors should ideally have double cylinder dead bolts that require keys on either side of the doors to open. If using such locks is not allowed in your state, you need to replace the glass-paned doors. Solid metal doors or wood doors that have metal sheathing on the outside ensure optimum security. You should also ensure that the door frame is strong enough to withstand blows from the burglars. Metal frames make the doors strong enough.You must call a locksmith to take care of the security of your house. But, you must also remain aware of ghost locksmiths as points out.

The sliding doors and windows require to be sealed also with keyed locks. The best way to secure them is by putting something like a piece of wood or pipe in the track. With such a blockade, the doors just won't open.

The double hung windows can be secured with a keyed sash lock. There is an easy fix also. A nail slid in a hole that has been made between window frame and casing will do the trick.

The garage doors needs you special attention when you are going for a long vacation. Experts advise to detach the automatic door opener and drive in a bolt to block the wheels.

Choose the best locks for your house

After you have checked all the points from where thieves may get easy entry in your house, it is time to get locks that will provide absolute security to your house.

You can take help of your locksmith to assess the security features of your locking system and get them upgraded accordingly.

A visit to the hardware store will enable you to gather knowledge about the locking options that are available to you.

Slip bolt locks are most common and cheap also. Needless to say, they provide less security and you should opt for more sophisticated ones.

Deadbolt locks are mostly preferred by house owners nowadays. There are three variations and you should get the one that fits your bill. There is one thing that you have to ensure. Get deadbolt locks made from bronze, brass or solid steel. These materials are very strong and do not break apart easily.

Keyless deadbolt locks come with combination keypad locks that are programmable. No keys are required but you need passwords to operate them.

Today, doorjamb reinforcement kits are quite popular in the market. These can be fit into the existing doorjamb and make the doors stronger. Usually reinforcement plates made from galvanized steel with 3.5 inch screws are fitted into the key strike points to reinforce them.

With proper inspection and upgraded locking system, you can seal your house and also the fate of the burglars who try to break into your house.

If you have any questions, please ask below!