Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

Designing your home is the best feeling in the world! Being able to customize everything anyway you want not only exposes the creative genius in you but also gives you a canvas for displaying your thoughts and ideas for everyone to see. Bathroom design is an area of home design that is not only important but also has a lot of room for innovation. These luxurious bathrooms that you keep seeing in many homes are developed with the idea of ‘money is no object'.

Today we will show you 10 bathroom designs that will absolutely make you want to move your bed there too. These designs can also be implemented in a cost effective manner by making little replacements.

Vintage Luxury Bath From Henderson, Nevada:

This bathroom certainly displays the talent of its designers and architects. The vintage style basin is accompanied by all accessories that go with the theme of the bathroom. The wide mirror of the bathroom is illuminated using a light fixture that hosts two candle shaped lights. A major attraction of this bathroom is its bathtub.

Rather than using the typical porcelain bathtub, the designers have used a copper tub which appears to be the centre piece of the ‘art exhibition' that this bathroom is. The wall directly above the tub has a custom paint design that goes very well with the centre metal light fixture that hangs right above the bathtub. This bathroom not only has multiple wash basins but also a spacious shower room with multiple shower heads. This bathroom is part of a $6.9 million villa.

The Black Magic:

This all black luxurious bath room design is by Stefan Boublil. The bathroom comes with a tub, basin, shower space and even a sexy Gucci bicycle. The bathroom is well illuminated by ceiling lights as well as some fancy neon signs. Although this bathroom does not offer too much room in terms of usage, it certainly has the class of a fancy Frenchman.

This bathroom is surprisingly open and the only option for you to ‘lock' it is using curtains. It seems more of an art gallery than a bathroom.

Natural Beauty:

This bathroom has certainly been designed by a nature's lover. Having big windows that present the beautiful mountainous scenery, this bathroom fully complements the magnificence of nature. The elements in this bathroom are made of expensive stones, wood and glass.

The beautiful bathtub is bordered by a fireplace on one side and a standing shower on the other. The shower is separated from the tub by a glass boundary. The bathroom is well illuminated by a fancy vertical lighting fixture near the basin and a simple but elegant ceiling light over the bathtub. This luxury bathroom is the part of an $8.45 million ski home.

White Retreat:

This luxury bathroom is a real treat for art lovers who want to make their bathroom worth seeing and functional at the same time. This beautiful bathroom has a full view mirror with a floating basin. The bathroom also has a wide standing shower that is made with Italian brassware. The bathroom is well illuminated by several ceiling lights.

It gives a minimalistic design look except for the wood-coloured drawers which are made of a synthetic alternative of wood. The purple coloured towels on white top give the bathroom a classy but modern theme.

Ultra-Modern Italian Style Bathroom:

This Italian bathroom will certainly take your breath away. With a sliding glass entrance and a very clean cut Italian look, this bathroom is the one that will make you say wow. The beautiful wash basin with rectangular mirrors will certainly be unseen by most of you et.

The bathtub has a shelf nearby with all the required essentials. The centre of the bathroom is covered with a beautiful rug. The bathroom maintains privacy but at the same time offers a wide view of the outside world.

These excellent bathroom designs are not affordable for everyone to have but certainly a treat for everyone's eyes. These spacious, beautiful and classy bathroom designs make bathing an altogether different experience.

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