Lighting The Dark Corners

lighting living roomYour new house must be the masterpiece, one of a kind. And you surely must have thought all about its furnishing, its wall colours, the tile designs, the complete structural layout, and every little arrangement you can think of, related to the house. There must be plenty of ventilation, and it may be just a level below than the lighthouse, in terms of the natural light. In short, everything that you could plan, turning your dream house into a beautiful reality. But is every nook and corner lighted enough??

Possibly not!! If one room is East-facing, the other must be getting the light at some other time of the day. Similarly, there may be many hidden wall corners, and storage spaces, that demand more lighting up. The conventional lights do not work very well serving the purpose, as either the beauty of the modern structure is compromised with the big oval lamps, or the light is too much for the small area that is to be accessed. But, there is something that is just right!! The downlights…

What Are The Downlights?

The downlight or the recessed light is a very old concept. It makes use of the grooves in the ceiling of the structure, to fix the lamp, the light from which is either spread down, or is concentrated on a spot. The shape of the downlight is round, but there is a difference in the type of light bulb being used. It may be the halogen, or the compact fluorescent light bulb, called CFL. Recently, the LED light bulbs are the most popular ones amongst the buyers, for the major reason that those are energy efficient.

Why A Downlight??

There are some strong and very clear reasons for preferring the option of downlight over the other conventional types of bulbs:

  • Neat And Streamlined Ceiling:

The light shines through the ceiling of the structure, just to give an effect of the shiny ceiling, in a sharp contrast with the conventional big light bulbs, which hang in the center of the room, with the dark ceiling supporting that at the top. The modern look of the houses, where everything is picture perfect, cannot compromise with this aspect of the look.

  • Energy Efficient:

When the concept of the downlight was introduced in 1930s, there used to be the technology that exhibited more heat than light. However, the time went through advancements, and the current market of recessed lights is packed with LED bulbs, that can save up to 80% of the energy, in comparison with the normal bulbs.

  • Lighted Small Spaces And Hidden Corners:

Including the stove tops, the writing table, the wardrobes, the shelves, the washbasins…. Is there anything pending?? Practically, with the option of downlight, the small size of the bulb fits itself anywhere and everywhere, where there is a scope of a ceiling on the structure. A small groove is what is needed to facilitate the required lighting.

As an added tinge of light to the lighting, these downlight bulbs can have a variation of multiple colours. So, did you start imagining your dining table under the shade of orange?

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