Laminate Flooring - The Benefits and Drawbacks You Should Consider

Laminate FlooringIf you are someone who has become well-versed with the different kinds of flooring options, you would be aware of the fact that laminate flooring is rather a new invention that has gained enough momentum since the last few years. It has literally taken the world of floor surface with a storm. Laminate flooring is versatile, flexible, affordable and easy to maintain and this is why people consider this as a super-material when it comes to opting for new flooring for their home. However, since there are advantages, that does not mean that there is not a single drawback. If you are about to decide which kind of flooring to choose for your house, it is important for you to know about the bad and the good so that you can make an informed and measured decision. Here are some pros and cons to consider.

The pros of installing laminated flooring

Packaging is convenient enough: The natural hardwood flooring planks come in a size of around 8-10 feet in length and sometimes even longer. In contrast to that the laminate planks are also sold in a very convenient size of 4 foot strips. Since they are also available in the form of tiles, packaging is indeed easier.

Flexible and versatile: In present days, laminate flooring can easily simulate the looks of different hardwood materials. The process in which it is printed can also reproduce the look of a natural stone or different other ceramic flooring materials. The texture even seems to look similar to those natural materials.

Cleaning is easy: The layer of the laminate flooring usually protects the actual material from absorbing stains and spills of any kind. This makes maintenance pretty easy. Regular sweeping to eliminate dirt and grit or vacuuming the floor will be enough for keeping it clean and tidy.

Can be installed anywhere: Apart from a carpet, laminate flooring can be easily installed over any kind of already-existing flooring in your home. Only if the moisture obstacle is in place and the water prevention measures look fine, laminated flooring can be installed anywhere. You therefore do not even require removing the old flooring materials in order to install the new one.

The cons of laminated flooring

Refinishing is tough: One drawback of laminate flooring is that they cannot be refinished as they have a single wear layer and when this gets damaged, the individual piece requires to be replaced. With time, the wear layer on the floor will start losing its shine and gradually scratches will appear on the surface. In such a situation, the floor needs to be replaced entirely.

Environmental issues: There are some experts who have said that the laminate materials are made with compounds that come from formaldehyde and they claim that such floors might release volatile organic chemicals that may have a bad impact on the quality of air that surrounds the room.

Hence, if you still consider installing laminated flooring, you should consider the pros and cons before making your decision. You might even visit for more information.

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