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Certified sustainable wood

Whisper “furniture” and open your imagination with vivid images of retro and modern furniture in various materials. Wood, fabric, steel, glass, and processed material such as methacrylate, high-density fiber, the most common wood, is accepted worldwide for its natural charms. There are options to satisfy fantasy and demands, and the options are good for you, for me, good for everyone. Let’s say the world needs trees: they help with natural balance. They hold the earth together, cool the planet’s surface, and help with the food chain.

We have been discussing the use of wood from sustainable harvestable forests, sustained wooded logging, and reclaimed wood as the main sources. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and its largest forest certifier, Rainforest Alliance, is the most widely used standard for sustainable forestry. Related to the topic, I found a couple of designs that appealed for the right reasons …

The Baltic coffee table is great for its old features and green theme. Crafted from solid hardwood-Durian wood, it pairs well with cheerful and conventional polishing alike … the ring-shaped handles on the drawers look great, and the low design requires attention. Then we have the Tua Glass Doors multimedia stand, a unique combination of utilities and past charms, the furniture retains an old look in a modern way. Smart Furniture …

Moving away from old looks, let’s focus on contemporary green furniture … the Loft media center, for example. Diligently designed to store and display, it carries sound architectural elements to make impeccable furniture. Also worth mentioning is the Loft Modern dining table with its watertight features that add a contemporary touch to the monkey.

Furniture made from reclaimed materials.

A stitch in time saves nine. Wood, as precious as it is, if cared for, can last a long time. Remember the legendary tales of wooden furniture passed down by long-standing grandmothers. I think there is a great substance in wood preservation. Why shouldn’t we make good use of all the wood that already exists? It is the right way and many designers are doing a wonderful job with reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood is wood that is generally recovered from old furniture, houses, and other wooden items, as well as scrap metal from a factory. Some things even come from the bottom of the river bed, logs of wood that sink to the bottom as they are transported to the sawmill, and even from the bottom of artificial reservoirs. Either way, furniture made from reclaimed wood is a great example of resource efficiency, but it’s usually shorter. The Rainforest Alliance has to look for a rediscovered wood certification label.

The Spacify line of the AZCAST collection is committed to making furniture from reclaimed material, to creating attractive and useful furniture and articles that are ultimately recyclable; in fact, when an unfinished product is rejected, it is simply relaunched and used again.

Most of his designs are worth mentioning … the 5-star glass dining table, for example. Made of aluminum used in aircraft parts (among other sources), it is poured by hand into molds to produce the desired moldings. The clean, minimalist design hits a bead with furniture polishers as each piece is hand molded, hand poured, and hand finished.

Bamboo – great furniture lawn!

Bamboo is a highly aesthetic grass that is used to decorate, build and decorate landscapes. It represents a family of grasses that vary in size from a blade, grow to many feet, and vary in color from jade green to maroon stripes. It grows incredibly fast and is very versatile. In fact, it is a favorite of environmental designers and builders.

The beauty of bamboo lies in its flexibility. Can be flattened into floors, molded into furniture, compressed into sheet metal, cut into slices to make blinds. To go to extremes, you can even build an entire house with it. The use of bamboo in buildings gives architects and builders LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points. Most organic bamboo is grown in China, sometimes with few or at best, without pesticides. Because it grows fast, it is much easier to maintain a healthy bamboo forest. However, this also means that you use too much water, and harvesting too quickly can deplete soil fertility. But for the most part, bamboo is one of the greenest materials.

In line with the concept, I recently came across Spacify’s Legare furniture and I do it here for all ecological reasons. Made with birch plywood, it is worth noting that plywood production produces 8-10 times more usable lumber from a log compared to solid wood. Plywood furniture has a greater potential to last longer than solid wood furniture. And the energy used to convert wood from a raw material to a finished product is minuscule compared to any other industrial material. Some examples….

The Dante Straight Desk made from 13-ply Baltic Birch Plywood is a 60 “FSC-certified desk that offers ample space for storage and study. A great test conducted at Entela Labs showed that the furniture managed to load an incredible amount 2,000 pound (one ton) of shooting bags and weights on the Legare corner desk without structural damage!

Plywood furniture has been around for just over 100 years, and its manufacturing techniques have been explored by a handful of designers, including Aalto, Eames, Danko, and Pfeiffer. Enrico’s direct desktop continues to demonstrate why. The modular design accepts you to lock multiple units together to form a single, rigid workspace. Mounting is easy, with no screws or bolts.

The Bice Peninsula adds that extra desk space and is ideal for two-way meetings. The 31 “peninsula adds approximately 31” deep end cap width to an existing desk. Asymmetric panels are reversible, allowing you to connect the left / right unit to either side of any desk or extension.

The Zita Modern Media Stand is a modular design that flaunts four 8-height bays for audio / video components. The upper part can hold Plasmas / LCDs up to 50 cm in size. For surround sound systems, the center splitter is recessed to allow a small center channel speaker to be ideally placed under the TV and has storage for more than 120 DVDs or 170 CDs on its four exterior shelves.

Recyclable and removable

The world would look much better, and we would feel a little more comfortable with green furniture that speaks the universal language of ecology. The concept gains popularity for its fairness and practicality, FSC certified furniture rings for their obvious implications on Mother Earth. It means products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, an international organization established to develop guidelines and certification processes for ecologically sustainable forestry.

Some examples of these products would be those that can be easily disassembled, organized and recycled once they have lived their lives. Concrete furniture is out of style, in this context, and it means that furniture that can’t be separated may not be very inspiring. If it cannot be easily disassembled, it is probably a sign that it cannot be easily repaired.

For obvious reasons, we should take a close look at the recyclable furniture we want to buy. Is it robust, easy to assemble and most importantly? Are you certified? Spacify’s Legare collection looks smart and I’d like to highlight some models …

Setting the standards, I like the Lucia Designer Extension Desk for its simple appearance, easy assembly, practicality and robustness. Made from 3-layer Baltic birch plywood, the panels are asymmetrical and reversible, and the bridges are designed to join two desks to create larger workspaces for two or more users. And yes, it’s really easy to get together …

Lia Office Corner Desk also deserves a mention. The corner desk is available in two dimensions; and holds it there; Entela Labs proved that the furniture managed to load an incredible 2,000 pounds (one ton) of shooting bags and weights without structural damage! Adjustable shelves hold up to three 12 “shelves and three 24” shelves. Great design … no fuss … it’s FSCfied too …

Low toxicity furniture

Have you ever noticed new furniture or cars with their peculiar smell? It is what they call gasification, emanation of volatile matter from any type of materials in habitable areas. It is not relatively new; When you buy furniture and put it in, it tends to release gas, which is fine if the materials used are not synthetic. Some synthetic materials are toxic and can be related to birth defects and even cancer.

If your home is well insulated, toxins tend to circulate in the air and can be harmful. If you have kids around and even pets that lick like a habit, it can be dangerous. A good idea when buying furniture is to check the “green guard certification”. It will make sure you bring low-toxic furniture home.

Also, try exploring natural treatment furniture with natural wood or biologically tanned leather and organic cotton finishes. Here are some good examples of green grade furniture,
The mobile base of the lectern table is certified for indoor air quality® by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute under the GREENGUARD Standard for Low Emission Products. The metal movable base is a well-structured creation, while the top is made of smooth wood and is notable for its unusual shape and fine edge. Meets or exceeds ANSI / BIFMA standards. Soft edge options protect user (as well as furniture) from damage.

Team Table X-Base with metal pedestal and veneer top makes a style statement, available in four Surface / Edge colors. It is designed to meet ANSI / BIFMA standards; Soft edge options protect user (as well as furniture) from damage. The wood fiber core and veneer surface are 100% post-industrial recycle content.

Jack Solo Office Table is suitable for small spaces. The standard black modesty panel design is intuitive to use and comes with four brake wheels for mobility and control. The ADA compliant design has an individual trigger lever for flip-flop movement located below the work surface.

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