Keeping Up with Interior Trends for 2020

Interior design is constantly changing and evolving with the times and the last few years have seen some incredible enhancements within the interior industry. From smart technology which has taken the world by storm, to stunning design features that will instantly improve the overall décor, there are so many amazing trends to keep an eye on that there’s guaranteed to be something to suit every home. Whether you’re looking to design a home that boasts current trends, or you simply want to add a few trendy touches here and there, the following points will help to inspire you to do so.

Abstract Décor

Whilst many people adopt their own interior styles, there are certain decorative themes that can be introduced to any overall aesthetic. Abstract artwork is a great way of expressing part of your personality, you can tell a story through art and abstract décor helps to bring colour and life to any space. From bold artwork pieces to subtle abstract fabrics, you can incorporate abstract décor into your home whilst complementing your existing décor.

Smart Technology

One of the easiest ways to add a touch of 2020 to your home is to embrace the massive trend that is smart technology. Over the years smart tech has become more and more popular, but with so many amazing products now available from smart cookers, smart home devices, smart showers and even smart lighting, you can transform your home and create a space that makes your life so much easier. All of the smart technology now available is ideal for adding to a busy, family household giving you so much more freedom and control over certain aspects of home living, so it’s certainly worth looking at adding these fantastic new features to your home.

Pink Additions

As a colour that complements may others really well, pink has become a core colour within the interior design world. From soft pink tones on the walls to vibrant fuchsias incorporated through blinds and soft furnishings, you can play around with so many different shades of pink to really make your interiors pop. Pink is a colour that brings fun, romance and comfort to the home which is why it works so well in almost every room, with so many decorative items now featuring in beautiful pink shades. Whether you add pink to the bathroom with some fluffy towels, or you opt for a statement feature wall with some pink wallpaper in the bedroom, you can create a stylish, classy aesthetic whilst keeping pink at the core of the décor.

Mini Bars at Home

With so much happening in the world right now, one of the best features to have become a popular addition to the interior world is the mini bar. There’s never been a better time to have your own home setup, with your favourite beverages, with a selection of stylish glassware and snacks to create that homely yet authentic bar feel. There are some amazing ideas online, especially on Pinterest, on how to create your very own mini bar at home, with many brands now selling stylish bars for you to introduce to your own décor.

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