Interior Design Trends in 2014

Interior-Design-Trends-2014This year was an interesting one for interior design. The order of the day was vibrancy, with bright yellow, stunning pink and vintage patterns dominating the biggest shows of the year. Designers were encouraged to experiment and employ a mixture of fabrics and patterns to stimulate the senses. The good news for interior design fans is that we can expect to see more of the same, at least when it comes to experimentation, in 2014.

Fantastic Folklore

Watch out for gorgeous fabrics and signature pieces bearing African, Mexican and similar folklore related patterns. Expect to see animal motifs and multicultural or ethnic references which celebrate the interesting and vibrant world that we live in.

Next year will be a year that embraces all of the senses, not just sight. Forget plain, boring finishes. The trend for 2014 will be "touchable". Stone, leather, metal and fabric will cobine to produce a tactile warm and welcoming feeling in every room.

Interior Design Has Come Full Circle

Interior design has come full circle, and we're now getting away from Spartan, simple rooms to organic, soft designs. Think hand-drawn patterns, hand carved wood, and chunky woollen throws. That's not an excuse to fill your home up with clutter, but it does present an opportunity to embrace a lighter, friendlier side of interior design.

Many designers expect to see a merging of old and new design concepts, as people start to embrace upcycling and the idea of reclaimed and restored furniture. Think of this as similar to the shabby chic of a few years ago, except with a more practical and environmentally conscious intent.


Surreal Storage

One particularly interesting trend is inspired by designers such as Paula Hayes. She has released a, to date well received, set of designs based on the idea of clear storage. Instead of leaving items out to get dusty and damaged, keep them in organic, eye-enticing clear storage bubbles. It's an interesting concept, and one that many interior designers seem to be falling in love with.

Great Gadgets

If you're a gadget lover, you should definitely take a look at some of the home remodelling trends that are starting to take off around the world. The U-Socket, for example, is a simple invention that will make life a lot easier for people who own dozens of cameras, gaming devices, tablet PCs and other items that charge by USB. The U-Socket lets you plug USB powered devices directly into your wall, and will supply power until the device is fully charged, then cut off, saving electricity and protecting the battery of your device.


Practical Homes

The light hearted and welcoming nature of the designs surfacing this year should be comforting for home owners. The fashions of the coming year are all focused on expression and experimentation. Don't worry about keeping up with every little change. Pick and choose the design elements that you love, and remember that your house is yours and yours alone, so you get to choose how it looks!

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