Interior Design Concepts: Myths Busted!

rectangular-design-conceptThere is no joy that compares to moving into a new home and decorating it, or re-decorating your existing abode to give it a fresh look and feel. When decorating your home, you could start with chalking down the interior design concepts you have in mind. However, it is important to ensure that you do not fall prey to the myths regarding the concepts of interior design. Here, myths are busted to make sure that you are on the right path towards achieving the exact interior design concept that you are aiming for.

Myth #1: Use of neutral colours equals lifeless and unadventurous spaces

Why stop at beige, cream and off-whites when creating a neutral colour palette with the innumerable colour options available in today’s day and age? You can opt for warm gold, toned down shades of brown, and then club these colours with a texture of your choice to bring the walls in your home to life.

Myth #2: The ’80s should be left in the ’80s

Gold-toned fixtures, brass faucets, white tiles are definitely the current “new” when it comes to designing the bathrooms in your home. To get it right, you have to achieve the perfect balance between vintage and contemporary. Do not forget to add a rotary phone in your bathroom, as it will immediately amplify the charm of the’80s. You can then be rest assured that your bath area will be getting second glances from your guests, for more reasons than one.

Myth #3: The ceilings in the house should only be white

In keeping up with the colour scheme and the design styles in your room, you can get a little adventurous and think about giving the ceilings a different colour of paint rather than going for the usual white. Exciting light fixtures, textures, and patterns can define the colour you could opt for when painting the ceiling. Move over white when it comes to splashing the paint on your ceilings.

Myth #4: Just blinds or curtains are the only way to go with the windows

Do not let the window treatment be left for after you are done decorating the room. It could be an opportunity lost. You could build the theme in a room around the windows. Think drapes and designs, styling or even art pieces when it comes to treating the windows in any room. Once you have given the attention to the decoration of the windows, you could then build the entire feel of the room around it and come up with a unique concept of your own. It never harmed anyone to have a few ideas in the back pocket.

Myth #5: Use of pastel colours is too feminine

Many may steer clear of beautiful pastel shades for interiors, as they are thought of appearing more feminine. However, contrary to the belief, pastel colours provide a great contrast and a sense of balance. You could include furniture in pastel shades in a room where dark colours are used on the walls, or go vice versa and have pastel shades on the wall and dark wood furniture in the area. Go in for achieving a balance, which is sure to amplify the look and design of the room.

Do not let myths become barriers that stop the flow of your creative ideas. Go ahead and experiment to see what works for you and what doesn’t to create an abode which truly defines you.

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