Interesting Pieces of Furniture

Ransa SofaNowadays, it is very easy to find extravagant and interesting furniture. One can make his home interior amazing with only a few creative furnishings. Those can be pricy, though, and not everyone can afford designer furniture. Anyway, I intend to show you how to break boredom in your house, and how to improve your living space.

Jigsaw Puzzle Stools

jigsaw puzzle stoolThe Jigsaw Puzzle Stools are made of sheesham wood and are small stools whose tops are in the form of puzzle pieces. They are very stylish and practical, because if you link a few of them together you will have a creative coffee table. These stools are amazing, as you can sit on them, put them under your feet when sitting on your arm chair, and use them to step on them when cleaning high areas. They will surely add some charm to your boring living room.

Storage Chair

Storage ChairThe Storage Chair is how I call it. This is not the real name of the product. It is a chair, though, an arm chair with lots of space and cracks where you can store stuff. It was designed by the Japanese studio Daisuke Motogi Architecture. It was made to satisfy all those people who always lose their remotes under the cushions of the sofa. Now, you have special cracks where you can store them, folks. And not only them, you can keep your books, CDs and other items in the arm-chair.

Nook Coffee Table

nook coffee tableThe Nook Coffee Table is still only a concept. It is designed by Dave Pickett and is planned to be made of maple. This table is very functional and creative in the same time. It will make any boring living room look modern, because of its design. It has a special corner which is appropriate for storing books and magazines. However, if you are not much of a reader, you can use it as a stool for your legs when you are relaxing on your sofa. This coffee table impresses a lot with its creative design and geometrical forms.

House of Cards Table

House of Cards TAbleThe House of Cards Table is a very interesting item, which unfortunately isn’t for sale. It was designed by the Brazilian designer-architect Mauricio Arruda, and looks like it is going to fall any moment. It won’t, though, because it is designed to support about 550lbs of weight. The legs of the table, which are shaped as pyramids made of playing cards, are made of steel plates which are 4 mm thick. And the top, I don’t know if it is a real glass or a plexi one, but it looks rather massive, too.

The Transformers Furniture

transformers furnitureHow about a room full of furniture, which can change their shape and purpose? This would be awesome, wouldn’t it? It will be quite expensive, too. But, just imagine: you’ve been out on a date and you get back home with your girlfriend, and while you two are sitting on the comfy sofa, the bar turns into a powerful sound system which plays the most romantic songs. And as a surprise, your wardrobe turns into a cosy bed. With this type of furniture you can have furnishings for a whole flat in just one room.

The Imperial Puzzle Rug

imperial puzzle rugThe Imperial Puzzle Rug is a synthetic carpet whose parts are shaped like puzzle bits. Just like the Jigsaw Puzzle Stools they fit together and form a big rug into a creative shape. This carpet is very stylish and easy for maintenance. It is rather practical, as its colours are plain and dark, and you won’t have to use cleaning services often to keep it clean. A simple vacuum will do the whole maintenance.

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